Posted by: David | December 1, 2007

Greenhouse Continued

Work progresses on the greenhouse. The galvanized roofing is all up and fully fastened. I dug out a pile of dirt from in front of the shed to accept a load of sand for the greenhouse floor.

6 sheets of roofing covered fast. The inside of this former chicken coop can now dry out.

Oliver likes to get in the picture.

$95 worth of sand …

6″ x 6″ pressure treated timbers will rest on the ground and anchor the framing. Maybe this weekend it won’t be too cold to work on it.

Well it was too cold this weekend. But I worked out there anyway. The 2×4 leaning up against the rafters is going to be the pattern once I figure out the layout.

The 16-foot pressure treated 6×6 and 2 8-footers were a pain to lay out and get level (more or less). There was a lot of swearing involved. I put 4 10-inch lag screws in through the 16-footer into the 8-footers. Had to drill with an old fashioned brace and bits. That was a pain. Really.

See the lag screw head? It sucked drilling the holes and driving the screws in. I needed to put a 3 foot “cheater” pipe, for leverage, onto my half-inch ratchet to screw these in. Each of the 4 screws took like 10 minutes each to drive home.

When I got done and came in at dusk I looked at the thermometer and it was 14 degrees! Crap. I must be nuts. It didn’t seem that cold when I was out there. The wind died down in the afternoon. We’re expecting our first snowstorm Sunday night. Six inches or more.  Snow shovels and snow blower are at the ready.



  1. I can’t believe you weren’t cold out there. The night photos make me cold just looking at them. What are you going to grow out there? Plants and vegetables I hope. Not hemp. Do watch The Office? I loved when Dwight pointed out this teenager and said, “There’s that kid who keeps vandalizing my hemp fields.” And they cut to the kid who says, “There’s that guy who grows really awful pot.”

  2. Yeah, I know. I was surprised too. Guess all the layers of polar fleece worked. I love The Office, (though this season’s openers, at an hour length, were almost too much) and Dwight is just perfecto.

    No on the hemp. Flowers and veggie plants like tomatoes, peppers, those early starting things. And a place to sun in the early spring, to shake off the winter blues.

  3. I see! It is much bigger than what I had understood before. It is like a complete house! I had imagined something about six feet by two, to keep maybe some flowers warm and start early seed plantations. But so big! What is it for? I saw you or your wife have orchids. Is that it?

  4. I think I could have sent you the sand air mail for less than that.

    I think the sand was a good deal. It’s nice sand and has given birth to the most wonderful moss. I need to get a picture of it.

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