Posted by: David | November 28, 2007

A Thousand Cranes

The registrar’s office at the college where I work has a nifty project underway. Have been a fan of origami since childhood … one of the many many wonderful things coming from the culture of Japan. Wednesdays people are invited to have their lunch in the Thornton Living Room of Colgate Hall, and to help fold one thousand paper cranes. Origami paper, instructions, and friendly help for origami novices is provided by the registrar and her staff.

The framed page briefly tells Sadako’s story. My turkey soup lunch is in the foreground. We 7 folders filled a little basket with cranes.

The tradition of folding a thousand paper cranes comes from a bittersweet and true story of a young victim of the Hiroshima nuclear bombing. Please see the Wikipedia article for more on this. One of the thousand cranes has a wish written on the paper before folding. Wishes like world peace, wisdom and prosperity for humanity, grandiose stuff like that. One would not fold 1000 cranes for something like winning the lotto. That would be crass.

The cranes are hung from the ceiling. One by one.

They look like they’re migrating somewhere.

After today’s session we’re probably close to 700. The semester runs for another 3 weeks. So with all the people who’re helping, getting to 1000 before the holiday break should be no problem. Then there will be peace in the world.

Thanks to Beth for giving me the idea to post on this.



  1. Wow! These photos are beautiful–what a great idea! So only 300 ’til world peace. Can’t wait!

  2. TnilD might like this’un too

    or even this’un…

    My little brother loves this kinda stuff as it gives his hands something to do while he deals with his zeitgeist driven angst.

    Also thought of you the other day when I saw this…
    If you’re not familiar with KK I think you’ll enjoy looking through the stuff he has in CT

  3. Here’s to world peace!

  4. I love these! They’re so beautiful. Such beautiful art, and what a beautiful thought. Great post.

  5. Thank you ladies for your comments. 3 cheers for world peace!

    Make it so. Click this for worst origami crane instruction in whole world.

  6. Thanks Kevin. Those are some cool tools and I like those handle grips. I have that numbness issue in my wrists. Now I know- ulnar nerve. Thanks again reference hero!

    For some reason WordPress’s akismet spam filter grabbed your comment, probably cause it has 3 links, but hey, gotta filter that spam! Why check messages in one place when you can check them in 2 places?

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