Posted by: David | November 24, 2007


Mom – Not Otherwise Specified has tagged me for one of those so-called meme thingies. They’re the bloggers’ form of forwards, or like those email chain letters. Or pyramid schemes. They’re designed to force bloggers to write extra lame posts. Not that I’m objecting. I know how to write an extra lame post, and since I like MOM-NOS I will try to go along with this.  In the holiday frackin’ spirit (is Battlestar Gallactica coming back ever?).

Have to come up with seven “facts” about self and post these rules:

1) Link to the person that tagged you, and post the rules on your blog.
2) Share 7 facts about yourself.
3) Tag 7 random people at the end of your post, and include links to their blogs.
4) Let each person know that they have been tagged by leaving a comment on their blog.

Then I have to tag 7 innocent bloggers. That’s the part that I have the most trouble with. Warning: I may not fully follow through on that part. There’s #1: I hate to bother people. Even if they totally frost me, my preference is to shine them on in silence, or with as much of a smile as my mom taught me to muster.

That’s #2: my mom taught me how work people. I don’t mean manipulate them, exactly, just how to effectively interact with many kinds of people, while minimizing damages to both contestants. I’m not that great at it. But I try.

I’m not in it for the money (#3). Cause let’s face it my friends, money don’t pay the bills! Oh wait, yes, it does. Sorry.

I am not a big fan of allergies (#4). I HATE it when, after I’ve sneezed, I’m asked if I have allergies. OK, I know it’s like, cool to have allergies and stuff, but so is smoking, right? Like there’s no other cause of sneezing than allergies. Just say gesundheit next time, OK? Thanks. And for the record, yes, I have the standard number of allergies.

5. I have a breakfast routine. I eat 1/3 c. oatmeal with 1T. flax meal 5 days a week. With it I have 1/5 qt. Stonyfield Plain low fat yogurt, a banana, and a large multivitamin pill.

6. Sometimes I put Tabasco® on my oatmeal.

6. I have music in my head almost all the time and whistle like a teapot.

7. Sometimes I have trouble counting. I’m old.

8. I’m going to list the people whom I’d tag if had the nerve to do so. (i.e., copy and paste parts of my blogroll … ) Maybe they’ll read this stupid post, see their listing, and have the courtesy to voluntarily participate. Since I’ve exceeded the specified count of 7 personal facts, sort of, I think that I deserve this. Anyway it’s just the stupid internet and who really cares? (Oh sorry Internet, I didn’t mean you!)

Moonbeam McQueen

Tiny Cat Pants 

Sailing To Byzantium

Amanda Palmer

Life with Buck

The Angry Aussie

And I’m done. And I’ve only come up one short! And not actually tagged anyone. Last time I got tagged by the 8-fact-meme I explained how I sucked at the childhood game of tag, since I liked being “it”. Guess I could have avoided all this by just linking back to that silly post.

Gosh I think I’ve done pretty well for 590 words. If I had to grade this post, I’d give it a solid 83%. Which would be about a B-almost-plus I guess.


  1. Hm. And yet, you were the first of my tagees to respond. Interesting.

    If I were inclined to practice psychology without a license (which, of course, I’m not), I might suggest that, perhaps, you actually enjoyed this activity – and that, perhaps, you enjoyed it even more because you got to pretend that you didn’t, in fact, enjoy it at all. But I would never suggest such a thing.

    Anyway, you’re welcome. And bless you… Do you have allergies?

  2. Another hmmmmmm. As one who has broken every chainmail attempt ANYONE has ever made on me (in the face of death threats and potential catastrophic accidents), I find the notion of tagging just one small step away from the chain letter. So I think complaining about tagging while tagging is like sending “reply to all” to a zillion people to tell them to stop sending an email. Frankly, I am more interested in the cairn, the greenhouse, the garage and mustard seeds. And oh by the way — Happy Thanksgiving my dear bro-in-law. I am looking at a moonrise that must be SPECTACULAR at your house!

  3. Mom-nos, I think that my respect for you was an appreciable motivator, even though I think that Carol, as usual, hits the nail on its proverbial head. If the spam filter really worked I wouldn’t ever have to check it. Oh, wait, I don’t check it. Delete first and ask questions later. “Didn’t you get my email?!?!”

    My theory on what drives this annoying phenom is that first, we just love to write and talk about ourselves, and second, the notion of the “meme” fascinates me anyway. The meme is as close as an atheist can come to considering the soul. Whatever, it’s wide open, and thus allows the “tagged” person total freedom to be as big a blogging idiot as possible. To the benefit of nobody. It’s a WIN-WIN!

    And hey, Carol and Mom-nos, you’re both teachers, whaddya think? NOT an 83%? BTW, I am allergic to poison ivy.

  4. My theory is that what drives blogging itself is that we just love to write and talk about ourselves. And then when people comment, it’s like being REWARDED for being self-indulgent! What could be better?

    In reality, memes make me break out in hives. I feel compelled to respond to them, lest I offend someone. And then the tagging – well, it’s grade-school kickball all over again. I’m afraid I’ll choose the kid who didn’t want to be chosen and skip the kid who is devastated by being skipped. (So, um, thanks for tapping into my deepest insecurities.)

    Since you asked, in my class an 83 is a B-minus. Not bad… but I know you could do better.

  5. […] Link to the person that tagged you, and post the rules on your blog. 2) Share 7 facts about yourself. 3) Tag 7 random people at the […]

  6. I’m so hurt you didn’t tag me… gesundheit!

  7. I just read this. I’ll bite! And CuriousC? I’m tagging you!

  8. CuriousC, sorry about that, no offense, I’m still getting to know your blog, where I learned about avocado-lime and grape pies, and that I am not unlike Hitler. And sure you would have made a good #7 for my short taglist. Oh and thanks for the blessing. That was more of a than a sneeze.

    Moonbeam, nice catch.

    Mom-nos you are so right, we do just love to go on about ourselves, and the blogform is so satisfying for some reason. Instantly sharing with the entire wired planet, even if nobody ever reads … Sorry about tapping your deepest insecurities. Bet you were pretty good at the kickball.

  9. Yay! I didn’t see this till this morning, but Yay! I like this stuff! And it gives me a post for today! It’s the tagging part that scares me. And also, my list will certainly alienate all the people I haven’t already alienated. But wtf. Yay!

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