Posted by: David | November 23, 2007

Black Friday

Love the freakin holidays I do. NOT. Yeah, I’m a Scrooge, but try not to force it on anyone, as that’s just as bad as the Disney-ites that try to shove the xmas “spirit” down your throat every December. So the term “Black Friday” has a whole other connotation for me. Being old, forgetful and over-involved in my own funereal connotations, I ask out loud at the table, “Why the hell do they call it ‘black Friday’ anyway?” My wife reminds me it’s simply that the retailers hope to get their books out of red by selling lots and lots of stuff. And into the black. Duh.

So with the beginning of the annual orgasms of materialism, both monetized and spiritual (excerpts from Chogyam Trungpa’s book), let me take a moment of your time, Internet, to share some more preachy crapola. As hard as your life may be, someone near you, maybe even in your own family, could, possibly, NOT be “having a nice day”.

Whether you should help them is up to you. It usually means trouble. Chances are good that you’ll just make it worse. At least that’s how it usually works for me. This morning it came to me in a nice aphorism as I pedalled the spinning bike to nowhere, watching Night Court on TVLand. 3 simple steps.

to help, open your heart
to open your heart, open your ears
to open your ears, close your mouth

No, I am not drunk. I swear. It’s trick photogaphy. Yeah.



  1. Black Friday is, to us, appalling. And here in El Paso, people from Juarez arrived at Best Buy with tents and sleeping bags on Wednesday morning. The local news channel has embedded a reporter out there with them. I don’t understand this mentality; is a $25 discount really worth camping out in a parking lot for two/three days? And if $25 means that much to you, should you be purchasing electronics in the first place? I know I sound judgemental, but it’s scary, all this intense materialism. Where is it all leading?

    And HEY! I just saw that we’re on your blogroll! I’m gonna go add you to mine right now, because I really like it over here.

  2. It’s leading to the Easter Island scenario, described in this post at a blog called “Sailing to Byzantium”. Wherein we use up every last thing on the planet and have only trash left to play with.

    Thanks for the plug LWB, I consider it to be high praise indeed. Found LWB in Moonbeam’s blogroll. I added you to my blogroll after reading only one post (which one? yeah like I remember!).

  3. I couldn’t agree more, David. It’s always seemed so horribly ironic that the day after we gather with loved ones and reflect on all that we’re thankful for is spent fighting for parking spaces at the mall and elbowing others to get to the last camcorder.

    I loved this:

    to help, open your heart
    to open your heart, open your ears
    to open your ears, close your mouth

  4. Yeah, I do my best not to participate. Try not to be all grouchy and Scroogy and shit, but avoiding the shopping is easy since I hate shopping year round. My wife is so much better with all that stuff anyway.

    Thanks for your sweet compliment. Listening was taught to me by my mother.

  5. Look there is the little moonbeam! Reflecting on how we love to “gather” with the “loved ones”. Was it late, MB? (it’s a private joke)

    I don’t know what Black Friday could be, since this is dated November. What holy spirit is there in November? Did you mix it up with Easter week? That takes place in spring. Or Mardi Gras a.k.a Carnival? That is now, next Tuesday, and one week later, the most glorious of all carnivales, Basle, Bâle, Basel, a.k.a Basilea. That compares to your primaries as Moton Rothschild to fish water.

    I also liked your aphorisms. They seemed to get better and better. As if for an IQ test, I wonder what the fourth one would have been.

  6. I thought that “Black Friday” might refer to the 1929 US Stock Exchange collapse. I was asleep when I thought that, and the idea woke me up. Jeez! I thought, would they actually commemorate ….?! And I did not know whether this was funny or sad.

    The next day I went and googled, but the information was strange.

  7. That’s kinda what I thought too cantueso. But it turns out that Black Thursday (October 24, 1929) was the first day of the stock market collapse, which continued on Black Monday and Tuesday the next week. Sounds like any day of the week can be BLACK!! Though, I don’t think I’ve ever heard of a Black Saturday, have you?

  8. The photo is of a keyboard, isn’t it?

    Now I checked the origin of the name “Black Friday” on Wiki, and it is really ugly. It says it is black because of the stress caused by the Xmas shopping stampede, and that itself echoes the stampede caused by the stock exchange collapse.

    It mentions “the assumption” that has been “circulated” about the accounting origin of the term.

    The commemoration of something just ugly and depressing!

    De todo hay en la huerta del Señor.

    In the Lord’s garden is room for all.

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