Posted by: David | October 16, 2007

Sorry about the Silence

It’s not really a bad thing.


But there’s some guilt at the lack of posts this month. So tired from work. The stress has been somewhat cumulative- at work I mean. Challenging and requiring a lot of “processing” cycles by the forebrain. The rearbrain too. Even the midbrain. The spinal chord has opted out and says it will return when the rest of the vertebrae come back, hopefully before the new year.

Saturday morning the two young deer eat apples and rose hips.

Oliver was not too happy with the deer in the back yard. They need to be controlled somehow.

Didn’t even go for a bike ride last weekend. Spent Saturday staining the vertical shiplap boards on the back of the garage. I thought 1 gallon of “Thatch” colored Cabot latex stain would do it, but the rough side of the shiplap boards really sucked up the stain, so at 2:30 I went to pick up another gallon. The color called “Thatch” matched up to the color of the vinyl siding. Also had time to prepare bed #1 for the fall garlic planting. Brought a trailer load of well rotted horsecrap (thanks to my wife, who helped me push the overloaded lawn tractor & trailer out of the paddock) and two wheelbarrow loads of compost. Raised the level of the bed about 3 or 4 inches with nice lofty organic matter.

Bed #1, parsley at either end, waits for its autumn cloves of garlic.

Sunday I moved firewood. After every other wheelbarrow load thought I should pump up the tires and go for a bike ride, but just kept moving wood. About 4 cords of 2 year and 1 year old wood.

Firewood under cover and off the ground. What a concept. Probably 40 or 50 wheelbarrow loads. Didn’t count. The monotony was oddly comforting.

Took these pix at night obviously. The wood stacks about 6 feet high and 10 feet long. Our fossil fueled implements share the space. We’ve never had a woodshed before. Always tarps and such. Even though I didn’t make it to the bike ride, this was good exercise.

Have a 3-day weekend coming up. That will be nice.


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