Posted by: David | October 6, 2007

El Garagiola

Mini update on garage project. Carpenter has a couple of other jobs keeping him occupied during the week so it’s just weekends for us. Meaning Saturdays. As I mentioned, I do like helping him. It’s kind of a blast from the past. I was a carpenter apprentice back in the day,  before becoming a parent, then a teacher aide, then a computer nerd.

Or maybe it’s a guy thing to enjoy having that hammer swinging in the toolbelt. I am, after all, a guy.

Anywho, we got the door and window installed in the entry room. The entry room is completely enclosed and covered with roofing felt. The black felt contrasts nicely with the white vinyl trim of the window and door. It rained tonight, and the entry room stayed quite dry.

Wonder how long this plastic door will hold up.

Also wonder to whom I should report this typo. Or is that how they spell “thickness” in Canada?

In case you’re wondering, Internet, the entry room will not be left in tarpaper, but will be sided with beige colored vinyl siding to match the house and garage.

And “OSB” stands for Oriented Strand Board, which is an “evolved” material, and not the crap we used to call “chipboard” or “waferboard” back in the 1970s. Nominal tickness of these boards was 5/8 inch.



  1. The black felt contrasts nicely with the manly pink (is that tie-die?) T-shirt as well. 🙂

    Don’t let them Canadians fool you. OSB is still chipboard. “Members of the Structural Board Association are specialists in OSB and are committed to “Total Quality” manufacture of OSB or waferboard for use in North America and overseas.”

    But the tickness is interesting. Maybe there is a problem with ticks getting in to the manufacturing process and they want to ensure you know that the number of ticks actually pressed in to the board is nominal when compared to the actual number of ticks in the plant?

    But I think you’re right with the Canadian theory. Apparently, nominal tickness is a very common phrase. Just ask google. Amung other information, I’ve learned that “A polymer plaque of which one wishes to determine the permeability to fluid, compression moulded having nominal tickness of 300 mu m, is positioned and fastened on the cup by a proper flange.” I have no idea what that means. It’s European Science. But perhaps my overuse of the phrase nominal tickness in these comments will help boost your google ranking for the phrase from fifth to fourth.

  2. I’m still stuck in the 70’s and chipboard, but tickness sounds like an improvement.

  3. Think I’m stuck in the 80s, but the 70s were fine I guess- what little I remember of them …

    Tickness aside, not sure if the “engineered” wood products of today are an improvement or not.

    Heard on NPR a lecture by Alan Weisman, author of The World Without Us, wherein he gave a detailed visualization of how all this resiny crapwood would be melting as it gets devoured by fungi and molds once the water leaks into it, aided by the organic compounds in the resiny substrate. Not that the classical lumber made from the bigger and better trees of olden times would fair much better once we humans are gone and no longer re-roofing to keep out the rain. Fifty years and our particle board house is a mushroom pile.

  4. That’s a great sign. I love the honesty, it is saying: “this plank is only as thick as it needs to be to stay up while the builders are here. It will fall to pieces as soon as they leave…”
    It reminds me of the huge white van I saw in Dublin recently, where a builder boasted of his skills and workmanship, with the proud boast that “All Renvations Done, Big and Small”. Personally, I’d rather he didn’t try to renvate my house…whatever that is.

  5. Keath, sorry your pithy comment was wrongly trapped by the WordPress Akismet spam filter- I released it. Some of my very own comments seem to have been trapped in there too. Like bellybutton lint or something. I don’t even know what Akismet means. But I think its tickness should be adjusted. Damn security crapware! And yes, it’s a tie-dye t-shirt made at last year’s “Mountain Day” at the college. I think it came out nicely.

  6. Shazgood- I bet that “renvator” shows up when you call. Unless the phone number on his van is wrong too. I think I’ll ask my Canadian friends about this tomorrow.

  7. I keep trying to remember what “garagiola” suggests, what that “iola” ending reminds me of. It is a nice term, easy to remember as a landmark. You said you put in the categories just for me, but how do other people find their way around a blog? Or find where they were last? In that regard the Google groups are better organized. In a click you can find anybody’s writings even years back.

    “El Garagiola” is a stupid title for a silly post. It’s also the name of an American TV personality and former baseball player, Joe Garagiola. You know it’s kind of weird the way you comment on some of older posts, but weird in a good way.

    I hardly ever use categories except when I apply them to a new post. I navigate the blogosphere in the most ridiculously random fashion, not counting the blogs, such as yours, that I enjoy enough to add to the blogroll. I put the “category cloud” back at your request, but never thought about people actually using it to navigate. Unless I am really taken with a blog I don’t usually read older posts, so I imagine that others do this too. It’s also a matter of time, which passes so quickly when blogging and blog surfing.

  8. Years ago I read some architects on Google saying that construction had now become a service industry too. They meant the paperwork involved in building. (I think I told you about this before).

    A cousin of mine started out as a carpenter, but became an interior designer doing banks via computer. In Spain lots of former carpenters simply became furniture shops selling imports.

    I was trying to get the greenhouse completed enough for my wife to start moving her seedlings outside and, unfortunately, have to report that my “carpenter” status is in jeopardy. Though I got the thing closed in and fashioned a crude plywood door, it’s about the worst carpentry work I’ve ever done in my adult life. I kept telling myself that it’s temporary, and that I’ll fix it up better sometime before next winter … I guess I’ll stick to my day job.

  9. I kept trying to remember what “garagiola” reminded me of and only came up with “viola”. I somehow think it is a Spanish word ending, but can’t call it up.
    “Ravioli”? It’s like looking for a tune that one can’t remember.

    If you don’t use categories, then how can people find you even at Google? The Google spiders are very clever, but not always.

    I only read the back pages of this blog and some of Moonbeams. I like the artistry she has in keeping apart her real self from her blogger identity. It is really something.

    I cannot put any more energy in to “garagiola” due to its extreme stupidity.

    I don’t really want people (or spiders) to find my blog, unless I tell them about it. At first I categorized all my posts as “Uncategorized”. That got tiresome quickly so I created equally meaningless categories like “Random”, “Weird Level 5”, etc. Also tiresome. I’m tired now.

    I’ve gone back to the early posts of a few bloggers too. I am also a big moonbeam admirer.

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