Posted by: David | September 30, 2007

Late September

Construction update … the carpenter and I got the entry room “weathered in” Saturday. The sticky roll-product called “bitchathane”, or Grace Ice & Water Shield probably gets its nickname because it’s a bitch to work with. Especially in the sun. Anyway it’s the roofing “underlayment” of choice and it covers the entryway roof now until the shingles get applied. The entryroom will now stay dry.

Note the little doggie in the window.

For those following my musical tastes (or lack thereof) I have revised my playlist from back in the Spring. I have added a couple of tracks, most recently a track by one Jesca Hoop called “Seed of Wonder”. It’s about MUSTARD!

My favorite tracks of the year 2007. So far …

Sunday was the day to pick all the peppers and make the garden salsa. There were lots of pretty peppers, but many were a little moldy inside. So had to do lots of trimming. What started out as a whole joint compound bucket full of peppers trimmed and cooked down to a lovely 10 pints of sweet and hot pepper sauce. Even threw in a pint of frozen tomatoes from last year. Secret ingredient: sour salt. Also lots of sugar.

After the salsa it was finally time for a bike ride. First went up to Newbury. Stopped at the library to visit my friend Rosie, but the library was awfully busy, so I decided not to stop after seeing the crowd through the front door. Went on to the new store in the Newbury harbor plaza called “Newbury News”. Got a sweet cup of coffee and a couple of  deviled eggs. Nice little store. They have some nice looking applewood-smoked bacon that I MUST try soon. MMMMMMM bacon …

Headed back south toward Henniker. At Day Pond I turned back, spying the Golden Volvo of a friend in her driveway. This friend is not often home so I stopped in for a visit. She’s the wackiest blonde I know. She had a cool oil and vinegar dispenser in her kitchen that was worth a photo.

My friend MJ’s oil and vinegar dispenser.

We spent an hour catching up. She went to the college where I work and graduated a couple of years ago. She’s my age, and is a “person of interest”. A tree fell down at my friend’s place while she was away during the summer. It was a hundred year old white ash. Under its roots was embedded this cube of granite.

Kind of interesting looking isn’t it?

The last sunset of September 2007.


  1. I had a new roof installed this summer, and when I met with the contractor he was “bituthene”-ing me left and right as he talked about what they were going to do. I jumped every time he “bituthened” because I thought he was swearing at me.

    But, then, I’ve always been the sensitive type.

  2. Nice going on the proper spelling of this product mom-nos! Looks like our British and Australian friends have been calling this product “bituthene” for a long time.

    Apparently the sticky part is from bitumen. Hence the “bitch”.

  3. err… umm…

    It’s me [Nimish]

    I ran into the kind of trouble that keeps people awake at night. And mildly amused during the day. And it’s not ending. 😦 I keep breaking out into laughter on my own sad state of affairs, and people look at me weird, but what do they know? Should I cry about things I can’t change? 😀 I laugh at the terrifying. Ha!

    Things have been… surreally weird. I shall blog if and when my home [250 kms away from Chandigarh] gets internet access.

    I don’t blog using company computers.

    Also, THF [] is a Radiohead fanboy [like I’m a Douglas Adams fanboy, but only less obsessive] and he knew AND informed me about “In Rainbows” [you can buy it for 1 PENNY from as a download] within 4 hours of the news.

    And finally, Coldplay’s new album is about to be called “42” I believe, and a song called “42” is to be on it. Radiohead and Coldplay fighting it out in public to see who’s the bigger Douglas Adams fan. THIS is what heaven feels like.

    Awesome music from your favourite bands alluding to, and in homage to, your favourite author’s best most loved work.

    I’m living a dream. 😀

  4. Also, nice birdie in the prev post, and nice sunset in this one.

    I remember thinking of getting a camera [there’s about 20 times in total I wanted to have a camera here, but… not enough salary, and the iPod touch is out, and my hand’s itchy for some iPoddering and… uhm… right]

  5. Are there any theories as to the origin of the cube of granite? Was there once a wall there? It seems awfully unusual to have a single carved cube of granite end up under a tree, especially if it was intentionally planted. (Did they intentionally plant ash in 1907?) Whatever the source, it’s certainly a curiosity. Does she have any plans to excavate or will it remain a Historical Curiosity?

  6. Nimish! Thanks for commenting. Was worried about you- assumed that your nerdly job would afford you screentime on the interweb … guess not.

    Hope you’re OK- your symptoms sound, er, concerning. Surreal weirdness is much worse than the regular kind. Of weirdness I mean. It is to be avoided. But loss of sleep is a very very bad thing. Do not allow it.

    So we need to be constantly checking for the “news”?? The pre-order price seems steep ($80 US?!?!?) – guess that pressing those vinyl disks wasn’t cheap! Thank you for the reminder about Coldplay too.

    Hope the dream you’re living is a good one.

    An you SHOULD get a camera, they are ever cheaper and better. Canon is the brand I would recommend, or Nikon. I bet your eye is as good as your ears.

  7. Keath, the farmhouse is probably on the order of 200 years old, so it’s possible that some major landscaping landed a block of granite in to a hole where a white ash later grew. I bet my friend will try to recover the granite block, after someone comes to cut up the toppled tree for firewood.

    Not to burst any bubbles, there is only mundane historical curiosity here, I speculate. Much granite was quarried, cut, and used in these parts way back when. If the block turns out to be a cube, that will be of some significance to my friend, who has a powerful imagination.

  8. The pre order is for a unique box [custom made artowrk inside, with 2 CDs instead of 1 and both on vinyl too]

    That’s going to be worth a tonne as each box is going to be made ONLY after you order because Radiohead are going without any distribution company – no sony/BMG types, no iTunes types. All on their own. And that’s also why it’s expensive. I think.

  9. Thanks for the clarification Wonko. I’m still not spending $80 even though I really like Radiohead. A friend from work has loaned me Amnesia and OK Computer (yeah, oldies) and I need to catch up on some of their other albums too. What do YOU recommend besides the Green Plastic stuff?

  10. Sometimes, a powerful imagination is all you need to improve reality.

  11. Or a telescope. A nice, decent, costing more than half a month’s salary worth of telescope.

    Orion. *drools*

  12. That’a a great recommendation Wonko. One of those scopes that you just say “show me the aliens” to and it zooms in on Tau Ceti and shows you the aliens looking at YOU with their overpriced telescopes.

  13. Yeah, but what we see is the image of them aliens as they were looking at us 12 years ago!

    They must’ve got digital zoom lenses by now. 😦


    They think it’s 1995 we just started explodering on this internet !

  14. THEY have quantumdigital zoom lenses which don’t regard c (speed of light) as a limit.

    So they’re seeing us in our present. And they realized that the internet was crap long ago, albeit instantaneous crap … But they love every single Jerry Lewis movie. And they are still trying to replicate Hostess Twinkies® on their world.

    Go figure.

  15. Oooooooooooooooooooooohhhh…

    quantuminininium !!

  16. I have just been told here, it is a shindle roof. I have never seen that. It looks very light. I may have seen that on little wood houses in the Alps, with stones to weigh the shindles down, but I am not sure. I know what “shindles” are, but I can’t imagine a roof covered with those.

    Here I have only seen burnt clay tiles and recently, on expensive houses, black slate, which is a rock that breaks up in thin layers.

    Here it is spring now. The fields are all flowers: daisies, malvae, and a yellow flower as common as grass, which must be why nobody knows what it is called.

    Hi cantueso. That word is “shingle” (rhymes with “single”). A roof shingle can be made from many materials. Most homes in this region are roofed with an asphalt impregnated sheet of tough felt or fiberglass covered by a colored mineral sand-like substance. They are easy to use, durable, and fairly economical. We did pick a fairly light color, and we’d like to re-do the main house’s roof to match the garage.

    It’s almost spring here, but the last month before the snow and ice are gone completely can be rather disappointing. April snowstorms can be substantial, the snow usually wet and heavy. But the sun is definitely back and the equinox is right around the corner. 😀

  17. I looked them up on Google Images and now I think that those “shindles” are in fact slats of wood, manufactured specially to cover roofs.

    Of course, what was I thinking of! Those little houses in the Alps, where the shindles are real shindles …..
    dictionary says shingles! …the bark, the peelings of a tree trunk.

    Schindel is German. Shingle is English.

  18. That roof does look light. Next time there is a strong wind blowing….shouldn’t you tie that roof down a little?

    Guess you found out on your own about shingles. The roof looks rather flimsy from the angle of the photo, but it’s actually pretty well anchored so don’t worry!

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