Posted by: David | September 11, 2007


 Please accept my apologies in advance for this random post. Sorry.

My friend Hester raised some “broilers” this summer. This bird is either pissed off, or damn proud of itself. You decide.

Following are some words or phrases that have been thought of by me, or by the many, many, many people that are way, way, way smarter than me. And I am pretty smart, possessing approximately ten to the minus infinity of All Knowable Knowledge.

SOMNISCIENCE– Those insights that come forth either in a dream or in that pre- or post- sleep twilight in which reality is somewhat bent. I think I invented this word, inspired by Atlantic Magazine’s Word Fugitive column, but it seems awfully obvious, don’t it?

CRAPSTACK– If it’s not self-explanatory, then let me EXPLAIN it. Sheisskopf! Thought I invented this word, but apparently there’s a musician going by the name “Crapstack Jones”.

FOREBRAIN– Where your most current thought-state resides. Scratch head, go pee, eat peach, think the thought, the next thought and so on …

Word needed for a spell-check typo. That’s the word that you misspelled and spell check “corrected” but used an entirely different and WRONG word.

STANDING ON YOUR HEAD FOR CONVENIENCE– This is when you spend WAY too much time trying to figure out the most elegant way to do something. If you’d have just done it instead of planning how BEST to do it, it would be done already, thus freeing up the forebrain for the next operation.

Things to ponder:

What is it that moves us, the love of beauty, or the beauty of love?

Why are we here?

This rule is its own exception, or is it?!

Amusing Recent Utterances from College Students:

“All of a sudden, it was yesterday.”

“Dude that was so stupid and awesome!”

“What’s your ish?” (ish is short for issue)




  1. There really should be a word for that kind of spell-check error.

    Speil-chic? Spill-chalk? Spell-choke?

  2. Mom-nos those are some excellent tries! Inspirational even. How about …


  3. Spellchuck! That’s IT!!!

  4. YAY teamwork! Anybody need any other words??

  5. Okay this is really weird: After I checked the daily Crucifix comments, I thought I’d read another post and clicked on “random” which brought me to this one. And what do I find, the “beauty” quote that pertains to that heinous albino alligator. What are the chances? Seriously, what. are. the. chances? Use a piece of scratch paper to do the math.

  6. I’ll need a big piece of scratch paper for that one. Maybe I can find the back side of some recipe page. Ten to the infinity, plus or minus infinity. Actually, your serendipity tells me that in the almost one year I’ve been blogging, I’ve managed to repeat myself. Repeatedly. Beauty and love are big themes for me. But I’m glad that you found this post Wendy, I had fun writing it!

  7. Love “crapstack” hahahaha 🙂

    Go child, to the 4 corners of the earth, and tell everyone. Crapstack!

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