Posted by: David | September 11, 2007

Garage Day 2

The construction guys really are good. Wish I didn’t have so much to do at work so I could take a day off just to watch them. They are clearly very well practiced at both the carpentry and the presentation.

The wife’s Saab wants IN.

They worked Monday in the gloom and rain. The door to their large white trailer full of tools and stuff is left open, with the large first aid kit and fire extinguisher visible and ready. Their little gasoline powered compressor is kept behind the trailer to block some of the noise. They work together without much talking, the two of them, although I only see them when they’re first getting started at 7:00 a.m. They’re from Vermont. Vermont is cool.

The overhanging shed roof in the back will house the lawn mowers and firewood.

And maybe the occasional terrier.


  1. See? Here it looks like your house is on a slope, but normally the ground looks flat. Is the overhanging roof really enough protection for the firewood?

    Yes, our house is on a slope, but a sort of artificial one created by lots of gravel and bulldozing. But the grade does drop gently from the front to back yard. The grading is done to allow construction of a “walk out” cellar as opposed to the type of cellar accessed by a bulkhead door and stairs.

    The firewood is adequately protected. Sometimes blowing snow gets on it, but not that much. It needs to be in the open so that it can dry out, or “season” as they say around here. After it’s been cut and split, it should sit for at least a year before burning.

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