Posted by: David | September 3, 2007

Love’s Labour [Day] Lost


This morning was day 3 of a beautiful long weekend. Turkeys in the garden at sunrise. The swallowtail larva, also known as a “parsley worm” found its way back onto the parsley plant after being laid on the mulch to be photographed yesterday. There are two of these caterpillars and it looks like they’re getting ready to pupate. They don’t seem to be eating any more parsley, but they can help themselves we’ve got plenty.



Labor Day’s ride had me heading south on Route 114 by 11:30. Had to document the thoughtless destruction of the 114 cairn.

Yup, it’s gone. Only one of the five stones left on the ledge.

From the road. The bottom stone, the largest, is in the foreground.

I gathered all 5 stones and placed them back up on the ledge. I estimate that the bottom stone weighed more around 50 than the 80 guessed on yesterday’s post. And it’s possible that it could have reached its resting spot after just rolling down the hill as opposed to being carried. The bottom stone was of a compact enough shape to sort of roll a bit. Unfortunately it split in two when I placed it back on the ledge.

Cairn builder, your stones await.

Stopped at the Harvester Market in Henniker for some lunch, wandering about looking for something light. The deli lady saw me and asked if I was looking for something yummy. Well I guess I was. She had just finished cooking up some steak tips and wouldn’t they make a nice sub!? Or whole wheat wrap? I wanted like half of that, and asked if she would split it with me. But no. I ate the whole thing at the picnic table out in the parking lot, watching the customers come and go. Lots of tan young women made me think that New England College must be in session now.

A woman with two kids and a minivan seemed to be dilly-dallying … couldn’t tell whether she was coming or going. The lady in the van next to her wants to back out and sees the kids. Lady number one waves her “OK go ahead and back out”, and suddenly there is a look of recognition between them. They’re old friends who have not seen each other in years. Lady #2 pulls van back in and gets out to talk and catch up, have kids climb up her, and though I’m not eavesdropping, I catch fondness, remembrance, recaps of decades. And then lady number one bends over to pick up a 50 dollar bill on the ground by the next picnic bench over. Guess that’s what the dilly-dallying was about, she’d dropped her keys and was missing some cash, trying to keep the 4 and 2 year olds safe while looking, then seeing her old friend.

It took a while to finish that whole wrap. I should have got something smaller. Continued on to Contoocook. It’s always fun to ride up 103/127 and see all the people selling parking spaces in their front yards. Nobody asked me to park my bike this year. But one nice lady said hi to me as she waved her day-glo orange flag. The prices go up to $4 as you reach the main entrance gate. I headed up 127 to the Blackwater Dam. Found a CD in Webster somewhere. (Not a mix for once, but a burned copy of a rap artist called “Akon” album entitled “Trouble”. Not sure I’ll be trying that one out. He look mean.)

I was kinda tired, having ridden 60 miles Saturday, 50 Sunday, and shooting for 50 this Labor Day. But on 103 as I get closer to Bradford, I catch sight of what is always a nice  thing to see by the roadside. Better than roadkill, CDs, lost tools, lost clothing …

Yeah, I found seven bucks. But I lost one of my cleat covers.

I titled this post mainly as a gesture of mourning for the cairn. In case you’re wondering. It’s an assumption that whomever erected the cairn originally did it as a random act of love.

Happy September!



  1. You must have very good eyes. I am as blind as a bat. I am short-sighted, too, and I never wear my glasses, because it is useless and makes people in the street look old and sad or even bitter. And I tend to start reading what it says on their shirts, because I like to read, and they are like cornflake boxes on the breakfast table.

    However, I cannot imagine how you drive a bike and at the same time inspect the countryside like that without falling over when you foocus on something 20 meters to your right. Maybe you should be a detective.

  2. Well cantueso, I’m very sorry to hear about your glasses making everyone on the street look sad or bitter. Maybe it’s time for a new prescription on those lenses.

    Actually I HAVE fallen off the bike while gawking. And I AM a detective. I detect minutiae!

  3. I think this is your best post, but I have not seen that many yet.

    The lenses are good, only a few months old. People in the city mostly look worried or hurried, especially if the weather is bad.

  4. Do they literally sell parking spaces “in their front yards”? Parking spaces for bikes? And what is the arrangement ? how much does it cost to park for how long?

    Yes! During the 3 or 4 days of the fair, they become entrepreneurs and sit on their front lawns waving flags to advertise their space. The person offering bicycle parking to me was making a joke. Prices for automobile parking get higher the closer they are to fair entry gates. They range from $2 to $5.

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