Posted by: David | September 2, 2007

See You In September

Month Nine has arrived. Full of hope. As all months arrive (except April, the cruelest month).

One of my daughter’s college friends came to visit Saturday evening and we made lots of sushi!

Blessed are the sushi makers …

… for they shall cross-section the nori and the rice.

But something bad has happened.

Sunday started beautifully with deer and turkeys …

See the turkeys in the background?

Mama deer is asking “mind if we graze in your backyard today?”

Left for bike ride about 10:30 hoping to catch up with some friends riding in the territories to my north and east … hoped to catch up with them in Contoocook, Henniker, or somewhere in between. Had a long, solitary ride yesterday, and was looking forward to riding with my cheery friend Bonnie and her Tour de Stu posse. Didn’t bring the camera either, and actually considered turning back home for it in the first few miles. It was a beautifully sunny morning … after finally being resigned to riding without the camera I’m coming upon the Rt. 114 stone cairn I’ve been photographing since June. Somehow I was convinced that it was changing so I kept shooting it as I rode by it through the summer. It wasn’t changing, but was interesting anyway.

And something bad happened, as I mentioned.

Well it has now changed. Someone has knocked it down. I didn’t even stop to look more closely, it was such a blow to me. Why would somebody do that? With such malice and effort, since the largest stone is closest to the road. Someone had to carry that 80 pounder a number of steps. Guess I’ll have to photograph it tomorrow, Labor day.

As I’m getting over that I see some bikers a quarter mile ahead. Looks like panniers and there are 4 people. That’s the right number for the crew I’m hoping to bump in to. As I get closer, I see them pass a 5th cyclist repairing a flat. It’s my new riding buddy that took the cross-country solo tour. Perfect! Not that he got a flat, but as he’s finishing up his repair he says he’s just starting out, so now I have someone to ride with.

So I guess that was a stroke of luck after the downer of seeing the destroyed cairn. We rode a nice 50 miles together and managed to avoid the Hopkinton State Fair entirely. Perhaps we will ride again tomorrow. He was going to check into getting some new tires and a spare tube at Outspokin.

Got home by 3:30 with enough time to peruse the gardens. The wife had ripped up most of the cornstalks to let the squash have more elbow room. I found another pretty flower and some caterpillars eating our parsley.

It will become a Black Swallowtail if I leave it alone.

The wife says it’s a dahlia.



  1. I’m almost as sad about the cairn as I am about Mopsy, who was found dessicated under the porch last week. When we were in your neck of the woods a few weeks ago, we had planned on going to your cairn and moving a rock or two to mess with you, but we wouldn’t have knocked it down.

  2. Oh that would have been so cool if you had “messed” with me!

    It would be tricky mind you, as there were only 5 stones and they were rather precisely positioned against gravity.

    I still can’t quite imagine why someone would knock it down. But then I thought, what if it was the same person who built it? Would that make it OK?

  3. David, the rocks are beautiful precisely because they are fragile and could be knocked down…(is that too deep??)

    I love the pictures of the Parsley Worm!! It looks like it would taste minty, but I guess not.

  4. Nice thoughts shazgood, I like that spin on the cairn.

    And I’ll ask the turkeys how the parsley worms tasted.

  5. I had not imagined that the stones of the cairn were so big. They look much smaller, the size of small apples.

    I do not think anybody in Europe sees deer in their backyard anymore. As a kid living in the Jura I saw them sometimes stepping out of the woods, and I saw the tracks in the snow.

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