Posted by: David | August 30, 2007

Last Week of August

The beginning of the week brought an early morning lunar eclipse.

Lots of animal activity this week. The doe and her two young’uns came to eat fallen apples Monday morning. A large flock of turkeys surrounded the house on Tuesday morning. Oliver was not too happy about either of those events. He did lots of running around the house and whining.

mmmmm … apples! Thanks for cleaning up the drops!

In the early morning light, the flash went off. Spooked all 3 of the deer.

I went outside with the camera and tried to sneak up on them. Got surprisingly close before they all booked over the fence into the horse pasture and the woods. Didn’t get any better shots than from the window.

Wednesday the morning glories caught my eye. How could they not?!

This photo was not enhanced! These flowers really look like this.

This flower is also CRAZY! Is it not?

The prior weekend’s bike rides produced a few images worth sharing. Saturday’s ride was up to Guild and back down through Sunapee. A new self-storage place opened up there last year. Seems like there are lots of these places popping up in the last few years. If you can’t afford to keep your home for yourself, at least you can find an affordable rent for your STUFF! Hmmm.

I’ll take one case of boxes please.

I rode back down through New London and over to Elkins. There’s a lovely little stone chapel there. The light last Saturday morning was just right.

Yeah, I PhotoShopped it. Going to hell, I know …

For one so allergic to religion, I take lots of pix of religious objects and structures, don’t I?



  1. But that chapel is not very old, is it? I wonder because who would know how to build with stones there, in USA, now? A lot would depend on how thick the wall is. Remember my ugly little house? I tried to fix part of its base which was stone and lime-and-sand mortar. And once I tried to build a briuck wall! That failed completely. I blush to admit I forgot to check what it looked like seen from the side.

    I think you’re correct that the chapel isn’t very old. Some time I’ll find out for real, but my guess for now is less than 150 years. However, believe it or not, there are more present-day stonemasons than you might imagine. Beginning in the 1970s there was a significant renaissance in old fashioned building techniques of all sorts. I actually know a few people who specialize in building new or restoring old stone walls.

    A cabin where we lived 30 years ago was purchased by a wealthy man (we were more or less squatters there) who hired some carpenters and stonemasons to fancy the place up. The stonemasons built a clay flue-lined chimney with stones of all sizes. One day they got a little carried away and tried to go too high. There work came tumbling down quite noisily. By old standards their technique was rough, much more mortar than stone, enabling quicker progress than would be possible if one were to carefully fit stones and use small mortar joints.

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