Posted by: David | August 21, 2007

Final Corn Thoughts

There are still small ears of corn to be gathered. Even after putting up about 4 gallons of frozen corn. After batch 2 last Saturday, and before the bike ride of the day, a lovely rainbow appeared in our backyard view …


Harvested the single row of potatoes Sunday- what was left after the moles took their share. The chewed into about half of the Yukon Golds. I use the badger method to harvest spuds, spreadeagled over the bed, digging with finger/claws and throwing the dirt back between my legs as I pull out the taters. If they were over 33% chewed I tossed them into the woods. As I worked down the bed I stuffed the mulch hay into the de-spudded hole and threw the dirt over it as I moved forward. Like I said, badger.

HUH?! Badger?! Where!?

After this digging, during which I cut my finger (left middle) on some buried glass, my friend and I took a nice bike ride to Henniker and Hillsborough. Decided that this ride should be alternated regularly. Along the river to Hillsborough means coming down the big hill by Farrar Road. It’s a good workout hill to climb when the route returns home along the river. Capisce?

Yeah whatever Dave.

We were able to pawn off a lot of vegetables on our friend. She took 3 beets and a rutabaga, some parsley, cherry tomatoes, a few mini ears of corn, and the obligatory zucchini. I’ve got to aske her how the rutabaga was. We have a lot of rutabagas. Way too many I think. Next to them, the Jerusalem Artichokes are flowering, despite being severely reprimanded for falling on top of the garlic and rutabagas some months back …

You can see the sunflower resemblance.

And finally a not so well focused shot of the morning glory, growing from a washtub on the south side of the house, and climbing up past our bedroom window. Not a great shot, but some wicked nice colors, eh?



  1. No photos of Dave the Potato Digging Badger? How sad.

  2. You know, when I ask the wife to take pictures of me for my blog, she gets kind flippant. Have no other crops that will require the badger digging style for harvest, but I’ll keep your wishes in mind.

    Speaking of sad, and I know you won’t like this, so, sorry in advance … but as I was badgering to the end of the potato bed I smoked out the mole family, which consisted of an adult and 3 juveniles. They went running into the grass … reflexively protective of my crops, I murdered the entire family. Stupid moles. And they had not a cent of cash on them.

  3. MOLE MURDERER! No, seriously, four moles less won’t make me overly sad.

    Hmm, you need to get a dedicated blog photographer. Charley would probably follow you around and photograph you, but that might get a bit wearing. It’s lucky Keath and I both blog, so we photograph each other with blog usage in mind. Which just goes to show your wife is way less dorky than Keath and me. I pass no judgment on you and your relative dorkiness.

  4. That’s a great idea! Maybe I’ll get Helmut Newton to follow me around. Oh, crap. He’s no longer with us. How about Avedon, what’s he up to? Oh, yeah. Dead. Hmmm. Guess I’ll need a living photographer. But I’m so preoccupied with this deathstream of consciousness right now …

    I know! Annie Leibovitz! She is STILL ALIVE!

    Ceridwen would you please call her for me? She always listens to you. Thanks!

    And yeah, the wife is a lot of things, but dorky isn’t one of them. The “flippancy” is cause she’s against the whole blog thing and fears I will be stalked by the internet fungi. [I’m sure that she just doesn’t want other women to be salivating on their computer screens while looking at images of ME weeding the asparagus.] And besides, the internet fungi has already taken root in my medulla oblongata …

  5. Damn fungi! Give ’em a frontal cortex and they’ll take the brain stem! In truth, I see the wisdom of your wife’s wariness. Many are the messages in my spam folder advertising this or that gentleman caught in the act of vegetable gardening. You don’t want to become a statistic!

  6. But,






  7. whereas I have been around asking about the grammar of “the wife” instead of “my wife”. It sounds very funny, how shall I say, it sounds, well, what’s the word for it, I mean it sounds, mmmm…eh…

    My friend Bonnie pointed out the chauvinistic tone of “the wife” so I stopped using that phrase. “My wife” could be considered less chauvinistic I guess. But since she never reads my blog I don’t have to worry about HER opinion …

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