Posted by: David | August 10, 2007

Short Ride

Even a short bike ride is worthwhile. It’s easy to forget that when you’re in the mileage mindset. Just getting out for an hour has a good effect. Friday afternoon cleared up and cooled off. Left just a little bit before 5:00. Headed north on Route 103 towards Newbury. The clouds were so beautiful.

My friend Rosie often comments on how lucky we are to ride on roads like these.

Just up the road is a Newbury landmark. At one time the state or some other officious entity decided that this odd roadside attraction was some form of graffiti. They rather inexpertly overpainted the message. It mysteriously reappeared after some months. A simple message of love. How dare anyone take offense at that?

We all wonder who the chicken farmer might be. I’ve raised chickens, maybe it’s me!

The sky got even prettier as I headed back home. Stopped to buy a $10 salami at Marzelli Deli, which I stuffed into my little travel kit. Actually took the picture above on the way back. Like the title says, this was a short ride. Look at the sky now.

Approaching Lake Todd, and the Appleseed Restaurant just off-frame right.

The clouds in the above picture were so awesome that I just had to throw them into PhotoShop, crop, flip upside down, split into 3 layers, whack the curves out, etcetera …

Does this look like the surface of a body of water?



  1. But we have greater clouds here. Maybe it is for the same reason as there are windmills. The clouds appear immense and fluffy white all of a sudden on a brilliant blue sky and moving very fast.

    The chicken farmer monument is one of your strange chefs d’oeuvre. Is there no sequel to it? Is it still there?

    Yeah, cantueso, we’ve all heard about them Spanish Clouds! 😀

    That is so funny you ask about the chicken farmer graffito. It’s been there for years, and a couple of years back the state decided to cover it over with a brown, almost-matching paint. But The People of Newbury and surrounding towns missed this harmlessly entertaining message of love, so someone restored it, using a brush instead of the traditional spray paint.

    It’s funny that you ask now because I’m about to post a follow up photo of this site. You must be tuned in to my brain waves. Be careful!

  2. The State covered up that message! I have been re–reading Menachem Begin’s “White Nights” recently about working in a Soviet labour camp in the extreme North of Russia at 70º below 0 Fahrenheit.

    I can’t believe “the State” has the initiative or the mind or the flexibility to send somebody to cover up that message. In large organisms it is usually impossible to find anybody with enough authority to make a SMALL correction.

    I worked as a translator; the text said “here is the heart of etc”; I went to one of the doctor bosses to say: look, it is not a heart! It is a foot!

    No. Can’t change that.

    I assume it was a state agent because the road is a state route. I would like to respond to more of your comment, but I don’t understand it well enough.

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