Posted by: David | August 6, 2007

Another Pleasant Valley Sunday

Sunday was just the most gorgeous day. (Sorry about the Monkees song title ripoff, and for the Monkees in general.) Upper 70s, dry and breezy. A must ride day. Even if there’s lots of grass to be mowed. It was another 10:30-2:00 ride, around Lake Sunapee. First stop was the Kwik-E Mart in Newbury Harbor for a “sports” drink. A couple of teenage girls hanging out in front asked me about my cleats (clunky Speedplay jobbies- tough to walk in). They asked if they were like soccer cleats. I tried to explain how they clip to the pedals and give you pull on the back stroke … blah blah blah. They wisely tuned me out in less than 15 seconds. I got the white-colored Vitamin Water and headed up to 103B and over toward Sunapee Harbor.

On 103B there’s this nice little granite yard where they work stone and have it arranged for sale. The price tags consist of playing card sized stones with prices written on them in Sharpie black. It’s like the Flintstones kinda. Ridden past it so many times, but this afternoon took a closer look.

The stools are to sit while we haggle over the price of the balls.

These are a little smaller, but rounder.

A lovely millstone, I think. Would make a lousy tabletop as the grooves are quite deep.

One of these granite cylinders has been SOLD. Perfect hassock for Barney Rubble.

Lots of lithospheres coming into my view lately. Wonder what it means? Wonder if I’ll figure it out in time. Probably not.

Hit Route 11 and headed back south toward New London. Spotted this sign in a church parking lot and got a good ways up the hill before turning around to shoot it. It’s a pretty puny parking lot, but the sign says “NO OVERNIGHT PARKING”. This message seems uninviting for a house of worship. VEHICLE WILL BE TOWED AT OWNER’S EXPENSE. Let’s hope Mary & Joseph® don’t park the van and fall asleep here.


You’d think I would have stopped by now. But there’s this little midway attraction near the front of the church. Sort of economy version of the La Sallette statuary. Even though you cannot park here overnight, you can climb 13 steps to say hi to Mary. Don’t mention her fingers.


AAAAAAHHH! Where are my FINGERS?!!?

I’m sorry. I’m going straight to hell I know. I’m ready. I’ll bet there’s overnight parking THERE. Stopped at the Kwik-E-Mart in Georges Mills for some milky coffee and a Clif bar. A guy pulled up in this kinda weird looking Saab. I think he said it was a 1962.

Only 2000 of these were made, the guy told a lady in the parking lot.

Proceeded south on Route 11 and then Route 103A back toward Newbury and up good old Grace Hill. In low gear. Back in Newbury, another automobile spotted at the Newbury Public Library. A pristine old Ford. There are NO signs at this location prohibiting overnight parking.


Yeah, it’s the trunk.


On the hood of the old Ford is this Boyce Motometer- basically a thermometer. I should have photographed the other side, where the scale is visible to the driver.

This concludes the Auto-Magic No Overnight Parking Religious Theme Tour. Please send $20 to someone who needs it. Arrived home in time to mow about 85% of the grass.

No Catholics were hurt or killed in the publishing of this post. My Judaism, however was severely offended for the 39,oooth time and promised never to speak to me again.


  1. Hey, D.~

    Been a while since I’ve checked your site…Did the Saab guy say it was a Sonnett? (not sure about the double, double consonants…) Anyway, good, “old” friends of ous (Alain and Sue, for anyone who knows me/them!) had one of those. It actually spent some time in our garage when we lived up north cause as I remember, they were going to have Paul fix it up…but then, something, something, something, time went by, stuff happened, or didn’t happen… blah, blah, blah, and Paul didn’t end up doing it, but I *think* I remember hearing that it eventually did get restored years later. Wonder where it is now???!

    BUT, it was a very cool little car…theirs was red. Seeing that picture just made me flash back to that time, and I could “see” – quite clearly – their little red, sporty car…thanks for the memory of a *very* special bunch of years my Honey and I have shared in our (as of this Sat. the 18th!) 35 year marriage! (damn, we’re wicked old!) I cherish those memories of our time in the woods!!


  2. All I remember hearing the guy say was that there were only 2000 of them made. Here’s what I Googled for ya on the Sonett. See the Wikipedia article … apparently the Sonett was born same year as me. My cynical mind turned parking lot guy into Elmer Fudd saying “My cahw is vewy vewy special!” But you’re SO welcome for the mem-stim.

    And HAPPY ANNIVERSARY!! That’s so great! My Honey and me are on the 30th this December. We were emulating you folks in our time in the woods. But nobody was drivin no stinkin’ Saabs back then!

  3. I still have the flu. Whether this is the reason that I still cannot figure out what those ugly granite things are being sold for? Those balls? Those cylinders? Do they sell that as “stone, a 100000000 million years old, a great investment, a non-renewable resource”?

  4. That’s funny cantueso! These stone objects are generally used as ornamental purposes, though there are many styles of benches for sitting. I like how it’s all left out in the open, since the stuff is too heavy for most thieves to cart away. And the little stone price tags are kinda cute too.

    Granite is a readily available material around here (in fact the state of New Hampshire is nicknamed The Granite State) and there are many young men who like to fashion it into different shapes with loud and dangerous tools. Not much has changed in 50,000 years has it?

  5. A lot has changed. They use an air hammer now, a pneumatic hammer. It makes a lot of noise. — Those are price tags! They look like granite tennis balls, quite puzzling.

    I am sorry to hear there is such a thieves problem in your country. Did you see they stole the drain pipe off Moonbeam’s house?

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