Posted by: David | July 31, 2007

July Is Over Now

Yup, July is done. Tomorrow is August 1. Went for a bike ride after getting home from work. Left about 6:30 and rode up Rt. 103 north to the Sunapee State Park. It was kinda hot and sticky. But the stress from work was pedalled away in about an hour and a half. The state park ski area is being prepared for the annual League of NH Craftsmen fair. Didn’t see a soul in the park area, but as I got near the main building, there was music coming from some loudspeakers. Oldies 99 I bet. A ridiculous 70s lost love tune was blaring to nobody but me on my bike.

The fair starts Saturday the 4th and goes for like 9 days. If you’re going, bring lots of money.

I didn’t stay around there too long. It was kinda creepy, not that I mind solitude. Rode back down Route 103 south. I tried taking some pictures of myself while riding. Had to switch the camera to my left hand. I stopped to do this, picturing the camera bouncing down the road at about 13 mph.

Half of my face and a car coming up behind me.

It’s some really nice riding around Newbury and Sunapee. Lots to see. There are many of these stone constructions all around the Lake Sunapee region. I photographed this last week.

How many days’ work was put into this object?

Maybe a hundred fitted stones with mortar, and three shaped pieces of granite including a SPHERE dammit!

Got home at 8 and relaxed into the evening. The stress of the day’s work just a fuzzy memory. Good idea to go for a ride.


  1. I have often been struck by the stone spheres myself. There’s a road somewhere in New London with a whole row of those marking off a field or something. I always loved them.

  2. This is clearly modern Art, and it is often between mystic and droll as if it meant to throw a bridge between two universes not normally on friendly terms with each other. In fact, just now you can see a large scale example of the ambiguity pervading modern Art in Italy where a simple clown, a man that could barely make a living trying to make people laugh, is being swept (figuratively speaking) to the highest honors of political life by being asked to take the helm of the Ship of State and — who knows? even of the European Union. A Clown heading the EU!

    Oh yes. It blows your socks off or, as some people more aptly put it, it blows you off your socks: the ways of Destiny are not ours to comprehend or anticipate.

    Not so clearly modern fantastic. I’ll bet that these objects were fashioned in the late 19th century. I know nothing about art, but I know what I like.

    As to clowns in leadership positions, there’s little I can add to that notion. I would like to see mimes in charge. Clowns are too, er, over the top I guess.

  3. Geez, some of your readers do lay it on a bit thick.

    Boy you got that right cantueso. It reminds me of my very first posts, where I was forced to provide my own commentary. Desperate business this blogging is. 🙂

  4. What about “Enjoy!” when they send you a CD with 2000 pictures of a wedding? Or when they send you their latest ebook! What do you say to that? That enjoy always sounds like they kick a can down the road.

    Or what about the he or she parade? If the patient reports fatigue, he or she may tell his or her doctor that he or she should give him or her an injection whereupon he or she will call the nurse to help him or her

    Hi memory. I have [almost] no idea what you’re talking about. The only response to “ENJOY 2000 Picture CD of OUR WEDDING!” is “Um. Thank you!”

    I really don’t get your second paragraph at all. But thanks for your comment.

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