Posted by: David | July 27, 2007

Firecode Sheetrock Day

Friday was pretty hot and sticky, but the carpenter came over at 7:30 am and we got right to it. He wanted to run the sheetrock right up the wall from what will be the garage floor, placing the 10-foot sheets horizontally. Not what I had pictured, but it sounded like a plan. The plywood sheathing stuck out a little from the cement block foundation wall so we applied strips of recycled plywood to bring the surfaces to the same plane. Roughly. That way the sheetrock will have a more consistent plane to be attached to.

Lots of the masonry nail gun cartridges were duds. Had to use framing hammer to whack them in.

Ever have that running-in-slow-motion from the monster dream? Another, more violent version of this type of dream is the one where your gun doesn’t fire properly, or jams. The nailgun with all the dud cartridges reminded me of that kind of dream. The nailgun would just go “phuhhhp” in the wussiest possible way, and the nail would be standing fully out on the plywood, laughing that “HA ha” Nelson Muntz laugh at us. [Anyone hear Nancy Cartwright on Fresh Air Thursday? It was pretty cool.]

The ones that did work often shot the nails right through the plywood. The friend who’d borrowed the gun last week apparently didn’t buy the good kind of cartridges to replace the ones he’d used. It kinda sux hammering masonry nails into 4-inch concrete block through crappy, weathered, recycled 5/8″ plywood. But we glued them also. Movin’ on…

The first sheet. Nice thing about big sheet material- it covers fast.

All 7 sheets up, taped and “mudded”. Carpenter is cutting out the dryer vent hole.

We were done by 12:30, including the draping of plastic to protect the sheetrock from rainstorms until the garage building crew comes. I will apply another coat of joint compound and apply some primer before garage erection [!uh huh!]. The sheetrock is very rough looking because it’s covering a little more than the area that the garage profile will occupy. After the garage is up, the excess will be cut away to match the garage profile. That will be flashed to the exposed north wall of the house, which will then have siding re-applied.



  1. Nancy Cartwright is awesome. She and Kevin Clash are my two all time favorite guests on Wait Wait Don’t Tell Me. Okay, Henry Rollins was awesome too, but not particularly special in his interaction with Peter Segal. Nancy and Kevin constantly messed with his head by switching in and out of character.

  2. She IS awesome! And so plain-spoken in the interview with Terry Gross. I want to have her baby. Hmm, that didn’t come out right. No it didn’t at all.

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