Posted by: David | July 25, 2007

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Our cat, Hunter, really likes the garage slab. I bet it’s fairly warm, sort of like when she lays down on the hood of cars recently arrived back home. Or maybe she just likes the geometry of it. Its open and flat expanse. She spends a fair amount of time on it.

Hunter walks around the bundle of siding I stripped off the house.

Steppin off the slab. It’s a safe feeling inside the square.

Just to left of frame is a pile of 5/8″ 10 foot sheets of sheetrock. I’ll be helping our builder apply them to the bared north wall of the house this Friday. Got the day off of work. Hope it goes well.

Meanwhile, in the garden, a baby zuchinni sprouts, wearing its blossom like a huge, flaming hat.

Mmmmm. Zucchini!

I harvested some garlic too. The plants have died back about halfway. The heads of garlic are pretty small, and mostly purple in color. And they are a good inch or two deeper in the ground than where I poked in the cloves of seed garlic last fall. I will probably plant most of the garlic harvested if it keeps until October. It needs a much loftier and rich soil than what it had last fall, I reckon. Remember the garlic scapes I harvested and made the pesto with? Well I missed one of the scapes and it’s forming the little bubils that can also be planted.



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