Posted by: David | July 18, 2007

Funny Enough

The title of this post is an aural pallindrome. (aural – look it up)

Say it into a recording device and then play it backwards. Funny enough.  Say it slowly.

It is funny isn’t it? And it’s funny that aural and oral both sound the same too. Isn’t it?

And it’s funny that 2 is twice as big as 1 but 3 is only a half bigger than 2. Trust me. [I’ll bet my mathematician friend would have something brilliant to relate about how consecutive numbers progress to infinity]

Other funny stuff I have for you. How about this rule:

There is an exception to every rule, except THIS rule.

The rule provides itself as its exception. Not LOL. Sorry.

How about this Computer Geek T-Shirt idea:

or …

Me, Myself, and ???

But seriously folks. Of course there’s already such a t-shirt. I am NOT a comedian. DUH!

I am not an actor, but I play one in real life.

Here is the un-Photoshopped Maxfield Parrish sunset photo that a reader asked for.

Photoshop improved this picture, no?


That is all.



    Now that you’re discovering computer networks… you see it’s already been done.

    Soliloquy: “Screw this, I’m goin’ to play some RA 2.”

  2. I discovered computer networks some time ago Nimish, and I still think that they’re HIDEOUS. Course I guess I couldn’t do my blog without computer networks could I?

    Furthermore, “There’s no place like” is TOTALLY LAME. That t-shirt probably says “localhost with the most” on the back, right?

    RA2- isn’t that a little violent for a nice cartoon loving young fellow like yourself?

  3. I’m only at that level of computer networking where I can fuzzily make out that there’s a network, and there’s TCP/IP which is a hack on top of a kludge.

    I’m guessing I can barely program for most networks in Unix, and not going to bother in Windows.

    Also, the kind of maths that should be applied to advanced networks by any decent engineer is exactly what I never studied.

    Something to do with weird statistical and probability models or something like that. I tried in my first year, didn’t like it, went back to Physics 101, didn’t like it, went further back to C++, which, ironically perhaps, was a semester ahead of where I was supposed to be.

    RA 2… I used to be good at it once. A senior in school destroyed us in a 5 on 1. I stopped thinking I was good. I played for fun only then.

  4. How’s your new job going? Is this a permanent job or do you have more education ahead of you?

    Don’t want to misrepresent my ZERO interest in computer video gaming. After rescuing the princess in Mario Bros. on the original Nintendo, I retired. Me and the princess bought a farm and started raising chinchillas. Looked like woodchucks to me. Always hungry they were …

  5. Well you haven’t played “Manhunt” have you.

    That’s the one that got banned it 3 countries after copycat … just find it in google news archives and the tech/gaming blogs.

    Interesting read.

    Me job starts Monday, I leave for a new city Sunday.

    The White Stripes have a thing for weird oddity. I don’t really “get” their music, but it works as a background for soccer clips on youtube.

  6. It’s probably a permanent thing.

    Or 3 yrs exp + MBA.

    I’m not at the level where I can honestly call myself an engineer, so I don’t think I’ll be able to fake it for more than that.

    Better get out while you’re on top, right?

  7. Ahh. What an adventure. You said that this was your first job. You really mean that? I wish you the very best in any case. I hope you still have time for the interweb.

    Are you recommending the White Stripes? Your wording is confusing. “Weird oddity” is a nice little construct. I like my oddity to be, well, NOT weird. Know’m sayn? But if you think I should try the White Stripes I will do it by God.

    Tell me the disk and I will add it to my Amazon wish list in a heartbeat!

  8. well “Get Behind Me Satan,” “The White Stripes” and “Elephant”… these were the ones I was told to listen to.

    I never did like them, but they recently played a concert in Canada exactly ONE note long, and declared, ‘we have now played in every province of canada,’ and left.

  9. As Zaphod Beelebrox famously once said, ‘Wow, weirder and weirder!’

  10. OK. So maybe not on the White Stripes is what you’re saying?

    Dude, it’s hard to make out what you mean sometimes.

    But I like kludges on top of hacks, or whatever.


    And stuff.

  11. “The White Stripes” is a 2 member band. Their earlier albums have been very good [apparently] and the best albums are “Get Behind Me Satan”, the self titled album “The White Stripes” and “Elephant”

    The above two links are for their concert tour “Icky Thump” [some kind of British tribute phrase for some guy] which ended with a concert where they advertised that they would play only one note. ANd they did only play one note.

  12. I’ve always thought of as home, yet I like “Me, Myself, and” better than “There’s no place like” Incidentally, the first place I saw that shirt was on a kid at Hermano’s in Concord.

    The question I have about the White Stripes concert is how long those people stood around cheering after the show wondering how long it would be until they came back and did a “real show.”

    That and where did the conversation regarding the White Stripes start?! Did I miss a reference or did Nimish just toss it in as a healthy non-sequitur? (Oh . . . Firefox’s spellcheck doesn’t think sequitur is a word. How sad.)

    Very nice photo, by the way. Yes, I think your Photoshop alterations definitely enhance, but a very nice photo to start with. Well done!

  13. I like aural palindromes. I want to find more, though I’m avoiding playing things backwards. It freaks me out. Ever heard the weird backward/forward thing they do in Twin Peaks? I actually (back in my more violent youth) threatened the safety of a number of peoples’ genitals (including Keath’s) when they started imitating that bit of Lynchian freakiness. It creeps me right out.

    If you haven’t seen it, the actors spoke backwards (quite a feat) then they reversed the tape so it sounded like Satan talking through a tin can telephone.

  14. My life is a but a box of non-sequiturs.

    Though we prefer the term “random discovery”…

    My aim in life, as in every conversation, has been to eliminate boredom, confusion, doubt, misinformation – whether someone else’s, my own, or indeed, everyone’s. And add something new and fresh to the table.

    If I could, every comment thread would last a year.


    And no one would get bored, confused or angry.

    But you can’t have everything, can you? 😀

    Maybe again, someone will scold me for being childish. Then I’d thumb my nose at them and keep playing with my super-duper set of plastic cricket balls. Mom used to buy me those in 6 packs and I’d lose them in singles and pairs. Dad got me footballs which would vanish into the night. Or the house behind us which was actually a HUGE shop once.

    I’m doing it again, aren’t I ? 😉

  15. Yeah Nimish TOTALLY non-sequiturred on the White Stripes. He’s conversationally asynchronous, which is why he does so well as a blogger and commentator. Good of him to take the time to report the basic White Stripes facts. I think that he doesn’t like them. Is that right Nimish?

    I can’t tell if he is recommending them or not. I think that he probably surfs with at least 17 tabs going at once in whatever freakish Linux browser he’s using.

    I loved Twin Peaks until that backwards talking midget showed up. I would also be interested in knowing more aural pallindromes, so let me know if you find any please.

    Glad you liked the photos Keath, and thanks for the kudos. That little Canon A710 makes it so easy to get good images. Been doing photography since I was a teenager, mostly b&w, had many darkrooms over the years.

  16. But 3 is not a third bigger than 2, is it? It is 50% bigger. Maybe you meant it as a joke.

    Also there is a dictionary at that you can download and put on your tray to check if ever you have some doubt and would like to know whether palindrome has two or three l or maybe just one. This is a good thing to know because some people like myself don’t know it and so had trouble finding the meaning of palindrome which does not exist.

    Thank you lorenzo. My math was wrong. It could have been intended as a joke, but if it was, it’s not the least bit funny. Is it? I was probably inebriated when I clicked PUBLISH on this post.

    Palindrome was not only misspelled in this post, but probably misused. Able was I ere I saw Elba is a palindrome. Funny enough is not, but phonetically it’s “reversible”.

    What drivel …

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