Posted by: David | July 17, 2007

SLAB -alicious -tacular -ariffic!!

Yes, they finally poured the slab floors today. Hooray!

Ooooh. So smooth and shiny. Let’s eat dinner on it.

And the back door. We are SO not gonna miss this crappy back door. Or the rain that blows in … This will all be enclosed soon, with some steps going down from the upper left down to the doorway. The new door will have a little window in it. And there will be another door of the same design roughly where the plywood ramp is.

The mud room floor is curing.

So now we can rip the vinyl siding off the house and the LaValley folks can start pre-fabricating the wall sections. Have to put 5/8″ sheetrock up as a fireblock too. Progress bar creeping right to about 30% …

We had a Maxfield Parrish sunset a few days back. The above image was Photoshopped.

Wildlife alert. The wife saw a grey fox parent and child this morning in her horse pasture. I have caught 4 woodchucks so far in the Havahart trap by our corn garden.



  1. Wow! That beeyooteefull slab is just calling for a bunch of people to Polka on it, doncha think? I do… how fun would that be, huh, Dave, huh, huh?!!
    Let me know when you’re gonna roll out the barrel, my friend!

    Oh, and a picky side note…Charlie of “Charlie and the Mime” actually spells his name with an ey at the end, instead of an ie. A fact you would not be expected to know unless you are in the habit of collecting checks for him from artisans for photo services rendered, as the mime does at the Sunapee Craps…oops! Crafts Fair… I totally meant Crafts – I swear to the Pope (since he, apparently, has taken things over from the big guy…I figure I’ll go right to the top!) And while I’m on the subject, we should all start calling him just Pope now, and drop the The…I mean, we never used to say “The” God, right? Well, the G-man had a damn long run of it, and now there’s a new kid on the block, so we’ll see just how tolerant and loving the former almighty can be, won’t we?!! Heh, heh…
    (wonder how long it’ll take til Pope gets smited, or is that smote? I *know* it’s not smitten….um…
    will have been smutten? – no, that can’t be right)

    Well, I think my work here is done and I should probably stop now – and, ya’ know, issue an all encompassing apology to anyone who might be offended by anything I said, thought, or signed for the benefit of the hearing impaired.

    As the Queen in Black Adder says, “Byeeeeeee!”

  2. First, I should state for the record, that I am traumatized to be related to the previous poster. Even by marriage. But I’m also kind of proud of it. What an odd world we live in.

    I’ll second the “beeyooteefull slab” comment, point out that there have been popes prior to Pope Joe, and move along.

    Any chance of getting a “before” shot of the sunset shot so we can judge your photoshop skillz0rs? 😉

  3. OMFG- Abso Freakin Tootly!!

    Now let us CHANT:




    WAIT. I have an IDEA! Maybe we could get Pope to come Polka on my SLAB! Before the garage gets built of course. Maybe he could absolve my garage of any sins that it may commit or may be committed inside of it? Or maybe we could just get a General Garage Blessing.


    Oh, and Bonnie, the hearing impaired called about your all encompassing apology and left a message:


  4. David, I can’t help noticing that your blog is turning into something like ‘Zen and the Art of Motorbike Maintenance’. (I mean that as a compliment!) I see pictures of slabs – all concrete, artifical, man-made, rectangular – alongside pictures of orchids and sunsets. The contrast is interesting (deliberate?). Deliberate or not, it is zen. You’re a much more visual person than I am (something Susan keeps saying to me is that my blog lacks pictures, too many words!).
    Good luck, T.

  5. Wow shazgood, what a lovely compliment! Thanks so much. That book and its lengthy discourse on the nature of “quality” was a big influence on my young mind. I should reread it. But then, I got Borges’ Labyrinths from the library where I work to reread 3 weeks ago and have only made it through the first story. Such dense prose.

    Rest assured that any apparent thematic juxtaposition is not deliberate and merely a reflection of my conflicted, contraphilic mind.

    And yeah, I’m visual all right. I think I would kill myself if I went blind.

    I really like your non-chess* posts, they’re so thoughtful and read very nicely, and though pictures are great, writing is what blogging is really about. I think. What pix you have posted have been very nice, especially those with Susan in them. She’s quite photogenic and wicked cute!

    *Chess brings some negative feelings for me that go back to my childhood. My dad taught me how to play. I played it with my best friend for much of my adolescence. I was never very good at it and almost always lost.

  6. However, that Pope is a very nice individual, a bit complicated to understand, but nice. I started to read him years before he became pope, because I discovered that he was considered a heretic in some places.

    I saw in another post that you have a dog and a cat, and I have been wondering how you kept the cat and the dog from trampling on your shiny floor when it was still wet.

    In fact I came here to see something about garlic, but must have missed the spot.

    I’ll take your word on Ratzinger’s “niceness”. Most of my Catholic friends find his decision to step down indicative of humility.

    Barricades of chairs are put in place to protect wet floors from animal tracks. Usually these are effective.

    Use the search function to find posts about garlic. It’s a recurring topic.

  7. Your cat must be very timid. This happens when they are overprotected in their childhood, though there are also genetic and environmental factors. Still, maybe you spent too much time with the cat when she or he was a kitten and as a result now that she or he is left to fend for him or herself in the presence of a new environment … Well, you can see the train of thought and its tracks.

    Yet I must add that my cat, if I had a cat, would investigate the chairs rather than avoid them.

    Our cat is not timid, just cautious. We definitely did not dote on her as a kitten, and she’s always been allowed outdoors all day. We had her before the terrier, who brought some misery into her life. She never needed a “manager” but Oliver is just that.

    • the problem is that psychology is not yet a very exact science, due to the very depth of the human psyche, and whether a cat’s psyche is any less deep than a human’s is a question that unfortunately we must leave to future analysis.

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