Posted by: David | July 15, 2007

Peaceful Sunday

Head cleared. Peaceful Sunday.

Hunter sleeps on dining room chair. Funny how she covers her face with her paw.

Went to dump and market. The wife got another 1950s era Waring blender at the dump. She’s a collector. Blenders and sewing machines. Had a nice rainstorm in the afternoon. Good watering for the garden.


Gorgeous lily flowers.

 Still waiting for slab pouring. Better be this week. Or else we’re gonna be mad. They’ve done a great job, but we are now at the far end of our patience. The walls were poured on June 1. It’s been a month and a half. It’s all nicely settled in now. Let’s move on. No we’re not complaining. They did a wonderful job, now let’s get it finished.

Give us some slab, please!

On another note, I have some music to pass on. The Scottish band, Mogwai, have provided a free podcast via iTunes on their website. I highly recommend it. They seem to be a pretty prolific band. Anyone have any recommendations as to what CDs I should buy??



  1. I can has slab ?

  2. Sure, NO SLAB 4 U!

    No opinions on Mogwai, Nimish?

  3. Come on Die Young

    It’s a classic.
    And the cover looks like a friend of ours, Zubie.

    Mad props on the lily shots, by the way!

  4. It’s 0005 hrs.

    I hate that link. I hope it dies.

    Having seen the *true* face of the devil, I cannot now sleep.


    Death to mogwai

  5. Thanks Keath! What are mad props? OMFG- that looks kinda like


    And Nimish- uh, what? No like-ah dee mogwai?

  6. I didn’t listen to them yet… I can’t install iTunes before I repartition my computer… long linuxy story…

    plus I’m moving out of the city to take up my first job. [yay?] So I’m out and about buying things I don’t need to pack into bags.

  7. Thanks for keeping your long linuxy story to yourself Batra. Sorry, I didn’t realize at first that you need iTunes to download the podcast. It’d be better if Mogwai put those mp3s on their own site wouldn’t it?

    Congratulations on your first job! Are you psyched about it? What will you be doing? Something geeky?

  8. Mad props are items which help propel the story told on stage but have gone off their rocker. Like the insane dagger in Macbeth.

    Or just “extreme support“?

  9. Well I’ve had four offers to choose from, all say “software engineer”… EXTREMELY geeky, but still not slashdot levels.

    Offers differentiated by company, what each pays, and location.

    Probably iTunes lets mogwai reach a bigger audience than simply from their own site, and also, they don’t have to pay for bandwidth.

  10. There’s also tons of software which make it too easy to build an Apple podcast, whereas building a non-apple “syndicated audio xss feed” requires thought. (Not to say Mogwai are dumb, but they’re primarily musicians, not computer geeks.)

    Nimrish, check out the list of “Linux/Unix Podcast Software” on this site:

  11. Thanks.

    I already have some linux podcasty goodness, but like I said, I’m handing out admin tasks to my sister and packing my bags, deleting my files, emptying out this here hard drive for general use.

    I’ll use a cyber cafe once I’m there, or a rental if I can get smthg cheep.

    As a wise man once said: Lat0r gat0r !


    he’s a mad prop too… the dude holding the skull.

    He tries to steal the scene from the skull, BUT…

    Our skull has superior histrionic ability.

  13. Don’t YOU PEOPLE ever just buy music on CDs?? And thanks for the mad prop definition.

    Alas poor Yorick, his skull is so pearly white!

  14. erm, what’s a CD ?


    Well that might become a standard question 4-5 yrs from now. Don’t bet against it.

  15. Guess I’m just old. Guess I don’t really have to guess that. I AM old.

    I remember (the 1980s) back when compact discs were new. There was commercial showing a dog chewing on one, and it still played! What a load of crap that turned out to be.

  16. They’re still doing it.

    Onida DVD players play scratched DVDs.

    And they show a dog scratching a disc because the dog feels neglected by its owner who spends time watching crappy B-grade movies which have totally faked scenes.

  17. Wasn’t that Black Friday yesterday? And tomorrow is the first of Advent. I have been looking for a Hamlet post of mine, and Nimish Batra’s comment appeared instead. —

    I read in the IHT that unemployed people in NY, the university educated ones, now spend untold hours in coffee shops with their laptops learning, writing, blogging. One of them said she uses a coffee shop to interview her clients which saves her thousands of dollars in rent.

    Do coffee shops allow customers to sit there all day long? How can the coffee shop afford that?

    Yes on Black Friday. To which comment of Mr. Batra do you refer?

    I have often wondered about this coffee shop economy. Indeed, this whole “Everything On The Internet Should Be Free” thing. In the 90s there was a popular TV show in the USA called “Friends”, in which a clique of twenty-somethings shared their amusingly meaningless lives, often at a coffee shop. The owner of the coffee shop occasionally appeared to provide an even lower threshold of desperate ennui. He should have been telling them to buy some goddam lattes or get the hell out.

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