Posted by: David | July 14, 2007

Clearing the Head

The wife and I spent the day doing yard work. Mowing and weedwhacking. Weeding and feeding. I picked bunches of mustard greens to have with dinner. Did the final thinning of the rutabagas and gave them some organic pro-mix. That’s bed 16 with the rutabagas, garlic, and a few beets at the south end. Gave it a good drink.

At around 4:00 it was time to go for a ride. Just the Henniker-Hillsborough loop. Did it in about 2 hours, which makes an average speed around 15 mph. Not bad for me. Had to record the Route 114 rockpile. No change. I think my theory about it being adjusted was some kind of self-imposed hoax.

The Route 114 cairn remains unaltered.

A little further down the road, Shrek tells me I’m stupid.

But perhaps another theory will emerge. There are clues.

And omens.

I’ve been riding this route for a couple of years. There was a restoration project of an old farmhouse on Old Hillsborough Road going on for a long time. It seems nearly complete. There doesn’t seem to be anyone living in this place. They did a wonderful job restoring it. I wonder when the rich people will move in. It must have cost a bundle to do this restoration.

A Weare contractor’s sign hangs on the barn. Beautiful job H & H!

As I get to the Hillsborough interchange where the bypass begins, I notice someone a ways back but closing rapidly. I can’t make out what kind of bike it is from the distance. Mountain or road? This guy is moving fast and he pulls up along side as we get to the bridge over the Contoocook River. He’s riding a Xootr! He’s a big guy too and we ride together to the steel bridges on Western Avenue in Henniker and he tells me all about these cool bikes!

Xootr! 52 tooth chainring X 8 cog cassette. Same range he says!

He was kind enough to let me photograph it and even offered to let me ride it. Very cool bike, costs around $700. You can pack it into a suitcase for air travel. He was setting a pretty good pace on this Xootr. Our conversation was interesting. When I got around to the inevitable question “so what do you do for work”, he uttered a magical sentence consisting of only 3 words. “I don’t work”, he says. I pause, in slight shock for beat or two. How rarely one hears that response! I bought my 3 Megabucks tickets a little earlier today in the fervent hope that I might be able to answer that question the same way some day. My head, cluttered with chatter about things at work, is now officially clear.

When I get to Liberty Street, I see another cairn. It’s smaller and cuter. I wonder if it’s related to the one on Route 114.

Signs of an advanced civilization.

The last 10 miles home on Route 114 is uneventful. I am able to keep up my 15 mph pace, but have to stop to photograph one last mysterious object.

It’s some kind of alien reflector device. Probably fell off one of their spaceships.


  1. Great. Now I want a Xootr. Thanks, Dave. Do you think this new friend of yours might want to pay me to send him postcards or anything?

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