Posted by: David | July 13, 2007

Friday the Thirteenth

It was anything but an unlucky day today. After a half-day of work (a summer Friday tradition where at the college where I work) me and a friend took a nice long bike ride starting from New London. It was a lovely, warm, breezy day, with those puffy clouds just like in The Simpsons opening montage …

Black-Eyed Susans, signifying nothing being wrong in my world today.

So we went down the big Pleasant Street hill heading east out of town. Until we hit Route 4A in Wilmot. This is a favorite route of my Wilmot friends, Charlie and the Talking Mime. We rode north on 4A into Sullivan and then Grafton counties.

Me on my bike. Photo by Rebekah.

Camera at the ready, I stop occasionally to photograph roadside debris.

9 or 10 rusty links of chain.

We rode up to Enfield. I wanted to show my friend, who is an art professor, the Shaker Museum and the La Salette shrine. Both places are visually interesting. The first stop was the Mary Keane Chapel, where we heard organ music wafting from the door, which was not really blocked by fluttering yellow caution tape. Rebekah went right in. There were 2 guys in there, one practicing on the organ, and the other replacing light bulbs. I thought I was taking a movie, but it didn’t work. Too bad because the organ music in the background and the scene with the guy changing the lightbulbs would have been first-rate cinema!

The stonework in this 1932 chapel is amazing. So was the organ music.

Right next to the chapel is this Escher-esque colonnade.
Stare at it for a while …

… a little longer …

We continued up the road a few hundred yards to the La Salette shrine. It seems odd how it’s located right across from the Shaker place. Like when they open a Burger King right across the street from a Wendy’s. Ya know? Of course there is a connection. Both places sell burgers.

Sorry. Apologies all around to Burger King, Wendy’s, the late Shakers, and to the Catholic-One-True-Church®! Religion allergy. Sorry.

Rebekah at the beginning of the Stations of the Cross. She didn’t even make it to station one. Sinner!!

We turned around here and headed south on 4A. On the way back we passed a “yard sale” … sort of. Interesting selection of things to sit on and not sit on.

Nice cacti. Don’t sit on them.

We took a left and headed west on George Hill Road toward Springfield. Nice route shown to me by Charlie. We headed south on Route 114 back toward New London. More roadside debris.

Old Navy blouse. Ladies size large.

Mysterious foam cylinder. What was it for?

We got back to New London around 5:30. Nice ride! About 45 miles. 77 km on Rebekah’s computer. Her bike computer is Canadian.


  1. That was a memorable ride, I’m so glad you blogged it, thanks for sharing Dave, you rock! Isn’t metric inflation great? My legs were sore the next day…

  2. Looks nice cycling country

  3. Yes, it was memorable. And it is VERY nice cycling country here. Almost every ride that very thought comes to the forebrain.

  4. I totally agree. BTW I took that photo of Dave, while I was pedaling, holding the camera mid air without viewing the shot. Did Dave mention I am a woman of so many talents?

    P.S. Dad – it is nice cycling country, you should come visit sometime!

  5. Yah Reba, that ride was MAGICAL. I only wish my movie in the church came out. that organ music was so perfect, and when you told me to pan up to the bulbless chandelier …

    You ARE a woman of many talents!

  6. That stations-of-the-cross thing is primarily American. It doesn’t look very Catholic. There are people, and I am not one of them, who have a clear idea what Catholic aesthetics are. One was Einstein, but the music critic. He said that Mozart was the essence of Catholicism. I don’t know about Mozart either, because his rhythms make me nervous. Another one is Ratzinger, now better known as Pope Benedict. He said Catholicism stands or falls with its art and its saints. I think that is heretic 😀 but nice.

    I can’t believe that you’re sifting through my oldest posts.

    It’s also hard to believe that Mozart makes you nervous.

    Ratzinger’s comment is “heretic but nice”? There must be a special place in hell for you cantueso, where a little “night music” is playing …

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