Posted by: David | July 7, 2007


July 7, 2007. My lucky day. Not getting married today, already am (we’re marking 30 years together this December!). But I did buy some extra lottery tickets. And went for a bike ride. It was fairly unremarkable. Today was my town’s July 4th celebration, parade, fireworks, etc. We usually have a barbecue so I had to be back before 3:00 to finish making the cole slaw and get ready to fire up the grill.

My daughter took this picture of the Andover fireworks from her apartment window.

The bike ride started at 11:00 am. Passed the Route 114 rockpile. Looks the same as previously.


Headed east from Henniker after stopping at the bike shop to say hello. Cyclesmith is really a mountain bike shop, but I did buy my Smith sunglasses there, and the proprietor is a friendly guy.

View of Pat’s Peak from the fields east of Henniker.

Someone lost their Maybelline.

Yeah, did this shot already. But this is my other bike. A little past noon.

From Contoocook I headed up Route 127 to the Blackwater Dam and then back West to Warner. Lots of other cyclists on the road. I always wave.

Stuff on the side of the road.

Getting back to Bradford. Today’s roadkill picture.

So there it is. July 7, 2007. Big deal.



  1. That fireworks photo is amazing! And I adore the side of road photos. More of those!! As a makeup geek, I can tell you that particular mascara is not Maybelline, but CoverGirl Professional All in One.

    We played the unluckiest game of Yahtzee! ever, making us glad we had not spent any money on games of chance.

    Hope you had a good barbecue!

  2. Thanks a bunch Ceridwen for the mascara ID. I’m promoting you from reader to Editor!

    The Canon A710IS camera, which daughter got us for xmas, is SO awesome that we got her the same thing for her birthday. It actually has a pre-programmed mode for fireworks! I really like the way she caught the tree in front of the explosions.

    I can fit the camera in the little back pocket of my new riding jersey (also gift from daughter) so I’ve been taking it with me on rides. You can bet there will be more “roadside attractions”.

    And we did have a lovely barbecue, TYVM.

  3. Frankly, the pink bunny is quite disturbing. The fact that it was laying on the side of the road only increases the disturbance. Or maybe it lessens it. I can picture the conversation:

    MOM: “Where did that bunny come from?”
    DAD: “Oh, I think Larry, the guy next door, got it for Suzy.”
    MOM: “Honey, Larry’s a registered sex offender. What is he doing near little Suzy?”
    DAD: “Suzy’s twenty five. She married Larry three years ago.”
    MOM: “He still creeps me out. You think Suzy would notice if the bunny disappeared?”
    DAD: “Nope. The bunny creeps me out too.” [rolls down window]
    MOM: [flinging creepy bunny out window] “I feel better now. Do you want some potato salad so you’re not starving when we get to mom’s picnic?”

    I digress. You get the idea.

    The fireworks mode is a pretty damn cool idea. And a VERY nice shot. Our HP consumer grade is a pretty lousy shot when it comes to fireworks, though I got some decent ones at Victoria Day 2005. Hopefully, when I finally get the lens back for my Nikon, I’ll be able to try some fireworks to see what works. Do you by any chance know the aperture and speed your Canon uses when in fireworks mode?

    I love the “en route” photos, both roadside debris, “driver’s cam” and cairn update. It would be great to find a secure place to stash a webcam and computer so as to set up a site for a 24 hour “cairncam.” Well, maybe not great, but amusing. To me at least.

  4. Oh Keath! Thanks for your amazing comment, it’s just what I needed to pop me out of my too-much-work funk. It’s nice to hear that my pix are being enjoyed by such fine people as yourselves …

    SUZY: Larry … have you seen my pink bunny toy you won me at the carnival?

    LARRY: [opens a Pabst Blue Ribbon] JEEZIS Suze, I keep tellin you it’s a freakin pink PANTHER!

    SUZY: [shreeking] WHATEVER! Where the FRACK is it!?

    LARRY: Ooooo. Starbuck! How bout slippin off that sports bra …

    SUZY: I think it might have fallen out of my basket in my mom’s car.

    LARRY: That was like the crappiest picnic ever. Who slices their own bologna anyway?

    SUZY: Think we can go back to the carnival tonight? I want another bunny!

  5. There has to be a job in mass media for the two of you. I’m laughing my ass off and I’ve only had one cup of coffee!!

  6. This is mass media isn’t it?

  7. Wait a second! Back up. Is Larry watching Battlestar Galactica?! Or the X-Files? Or women’s figure skating?

    Just please don’t tell me his pet name for Suzy is Starbuck. I’ll send her dad over with a shotgun.

  8. Larry and Suzy usually watched “other stuff” on Sci-Friday nights. Rented DVDs …

    Larry and Suzy only saw Battlestar once, cause the video store was closed and it was the episode where Starbuck got really really drunk and revealed her love for Apollo when they were on that planet controlled by the Cylons.

    Suzy couldn’t stop saying “FRACK!” for like a month. Larry thought she might have, you know, that mental problem where you swear a lot? TOURETTE!! DAMMIT! SYNDROME! TOURETTE!

    Thanks for getting that allusion! No need for shotgun. Uncle Dad.

  9. Whew.

  10. Yah.

    Violence never solves nothin’ anyway.

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