Posted by: David | July 2, 2007

Best Music Mix Ever

I wish that there was a way I could actually make this music mix available to the whole world. Instead, I post only this lame playlist so you can go out and buy all these songs and make your own mix CD. Good luck finding Gandalf Murphy and the Slambovian Circus of Dreams online (buy their CDs from CDBaby).  I am so very sorry that copyright laws do not permit … blah blah blah …

I’d like to buy the world a Coke and keep it company …

This writer is not responsible for any effects that listening to these songs in this sequence may bring about.

I got my closeup lens attachment. Rosebud.

Don’t worry. Be happy



  1. Hey David, I love your music mix!
    …it turns out, I went to college with Deirdre Rutkowski, of This Mortal Coil fame, for four years. We did psychology together in Dublin, 1991-1995, and became very good friends. Then…I went out with her sister, Louise, also of TMC, for around a year, 1995/96. Unfortunately, it didn’t work out. She’s still in the music business; Dee only teaches music now.

    Isn’t the world a really, really small place? kind of spooky, don’t you think. I only have 2 blogs on my blogroll, you and some guy who writes about chess. And you happen to pick a TMC song on your favourites list. Cool.
    I’m sure they’d both be chuffed that you selected a TMC song.

  2. Thanks shazgood. Glad you like it. That’s pretty cool about your TMC friends. It IS a small world. To be fair, I only used a 22 second track from Filligree & Shadow, but I really like that album a lot.

    A good friend from work loaned it to me. He’s actually responsible for introducing me to rather a lot of great music that I’d missed while living in my own private Idaho. (B-52s reference). He’s a reference librarian professionally. He also introduced the work gang to Little Britain. Eternal Gratitude for that. “Yeah I know …”

    2 questions for you … please define “chuffed” and what do you mean “ONLY teaches music now”? I’m sure you don’t mean to belittle teaching, but being involved in education, I’m obliged to question that usage. No offense.

  3. Teaching is great. But even Dee herself pines for the studio. Woody Allen said, those who cannot, teach, those who cannot teach, teach gym!
    But no offence intended!

    “chuffed” is British/Irish slang meaning pleasantly happy about something, which induces a feeling of pride.

  4. I totally missed this when you first post it. Kudos on the This Mortal Coil track. Song to the Siren was going to be Ceridwen and my first dance at our wedding, but we nixed it due to the length/pace of the song when compared to our dancing abilities. (Went with Billie Holiday’s Me, Myself, and I instead, if anyone cares.)

    For those who can’t find Gandalf Murphy and the Slambovian Circus of Dreams, they stream ALL their songs on their Radio Free Slambovia page. You can also purchase CDs at their show (something every human being on earth should do as frequently as possible), which should be easy for New Englanders – they’re playing all over the place this summer/fall.

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