Posted by: David | June 30, 2007

Got Photoshop?

With Photoshop you can take a picture of an ordinary flower arrangement consisting of flowers  that your wife picked while looking at the garden with you and later arranged in a vase which you shot with your digicam on the dark green bedroom carpet and VOILA,  a phantasmagorical psyhedelic JPEG!!

Dramatic? No, Photoshop.

Can’t stop staring at the chamomile! They look like the Universe!


  1. Sweet… I need to play on photoshop more… 🙂

  2. Ooooh, pretty.

  3. I’m not that good with Photoshop really. I know a couple of tricks. The cheap trick I usually do is to copy the base layer when opening a jpeg from the camera and then manipulate that copied layer by messing with the Curves (pencil tool in Curves, not the little curve manipulator thingy). Then I change the transparency of that psychedelic layer over the unmanipulated layer. That’s how I got the glowing chamomile effect. Those chamomiles are quote hypnotic in real life. No kidding! When out in the garden, I STARE at them … really!




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