Posted by: David | June 30, 2007

Garlic Is Asexual

God bless the internet, the infinite library of Babylon. It turns out that those little curlicue flowers on the garlic plants are called scapes. Don’t know why they’re called that, but I was wrong to expect an umbelliferous flower. Apparently garlic is asexual. There is no flowering and therefore no pollenation. If the scapes were left alone they would sprout into little “bulbils“, which are little clusters of miniature cloves, which would then fall into the soil and sprout. Thusly the garlic could “walk” across the garden over a period of years.

So anyway, I picked off all the garlic scapes, and they’re in the fridge waiting for a decision on which of Mary Jane’s recipes to try.

The harvested garlic scapes.

And the garlic now stands decapitated. I also brutally shoved the jerusalem artichokes back onto themselves. They’re quite a kerfuffle now. But they’ll survive. Can’t have them covering the garlic and rutabagas now can we?

Decapitated garlic nicely weeded.

After this garlic education I went for a nice long bike ride. With camera in the pocket of the cool new biking shirt I got for my birthday. About a half mile from my house I passed a mother black bear and 3 small cubs resting in someone’s driveway. Or maybe the cubs were nursing, they were all sitting. As I sped by I barely had time to mutter “holy crap” when I noticed the residents sitting and watching on their porch with a camera. As much as I wished to get a picture, I decided that stopping would not be a good idea. It would have ruined the moment. Plus the mother bear gave me a look.

South to Henniker to rephotograph the rockpile sculpture. Did I mention that a friend of mine thinks she knows who may have created this public art project? It looks the same as when I shot it a couple of weeks ago.

June 29, 2007.
June 16, 2007

Continued to Henniker and then headed east to Contoocook. From there headed north up Route 127 to Webster and Salisbury.

Don’t drop the camera stupid!

While riding I keep my eyes open for interesting finds on the roadside. People throw all manner of stuff out their car windows. I’ve found a lot of CDs. Usually they’re music mixes and are playable. A couple of mixes I found were obvious “breakup” mixes. You can tell from the selections (e.g. “Move Along” by The All-American Rejects) that they probably were assembled by a lovesick ex. Then it’s pitched out a car window by the other ex. But they get played I think. When I find them they’re usually pretty worn looking.

This CD was found on Clothespin Bridge Road, and contained 16 pretty lousy tracks. Don’t think it’s a breakup mix. Needs more listening. Maybe I’ll like it better after a while. Maybe I’ll pitch it out MY car window.

So onward to Webster. Was struck by the symmetry of the Webster Meeting House. Big fan of symmetry. My graphic design professor thought that symmetry was higly overrated.

Even the windows are symmetrical. The clouds headed south.

Stopped for lunch at the Crossroads Country Store. Junction of Routes 127 and 4. Got Sweet and Sour Kielbasa, Raspberry Bites pastry and a Gatorade. Didn’t really microwave the kielbasa long enough. I thought I’d made a bad choice and would regret it soon, but it all digested pretty well.

Called my daughter to wish her a happy birthday while eating my lunch. The penny was not mine, so I left it on the table. Didn’t even check to see if it was heads or tails up.

Almost home, passing by Blaisdell Lake, some interesting clouds catch my eye.

Upon arriving home, I put the bike away and start mowing grass. Happy Birthday dear daughter (27 years!!).



  1. You could simply find recipes for Indian Food. North Indian Food™ has about 25% of dishes asking for garlic, I estimate.

    Our food is divided into courses that are divided as food groups and not in order of eating. it’s all simultaneous.

    Carbohydrate based ‘main food’ : Chapati/Roti [which is a sorta roasted pancake], Rice [boiled/steamed with spices to taste]

    Protein: Dals [Pulses, we eat lots of different kinds, boiled and then given a treatment in oil which has been boiled with spices]

    Minerals and Vitamins: Vegetables that are boiled, steamed, fried and god-himself-will-have-trouble-mentioning-in-english-things

    Milk-based things: Curd, Lassi [curd that’s been stired, shaken, diluted and stirred and then shaken, andoptional sugar/spices]

    And we eat all that simultaneously. One byte includes all of those.

  2. What little Indian food I’ve tried I have loved. Tell me more about pulses. And you meant bites not bytes, right? You are vegetarian, yes?

    I decided to make the Garlic Scape Pesto®, following this recipe:

    1 cup grated Parmesan cheese
    3 Tbsp. fresh lime or lemon juice
    1/4 lb. scapes
    1/2-cup olive oil
    Salt to taste

    Puree scapes and olive oil in a food processor until smooth. Stir in Parmesan and lime or lemon juice and season to taste.

    Had to double the recipe since my batch of scapes weighed a half pound. It mixed up to a nice consistency but needs to sit overnight.

    I’ll let you know how it is.

  3. Bytes? whoopsies!

    Let’s just assume I said something about recipes on the intarweb.

    Vegetarian? Naw. I eat meat!

  4. Hurrah for symmetry, I say…Charley is big on asymmetrical arrangements of items for photos and, while I usually like the results, I must say that it does drive me a little crazy, and I have to fight with myself to keep from going over at the last minute and even-ing things up and centering everything…must say something about us, D. – just not sure what!!!

  5. Yeah I know! !wonk I heaY

    • Haha, David this made me laugh out loud! Sadly, I had to think about it for a minute, but THEN I laughed!

      That’s awesome Abby! But what made you laugh (out loud), if you don’t mind my asking … ??

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