Posted by: David | June 24, 2007

First Weekend of Summer

Despite lots of pedalling and thinking, not much blogworthy came to the forebrain. Was pondering on the blogosphere, the internet, the Borges short story The Library of Babel, the Hitchhiker’s Guide, the infinity of knowledge and all that meaning of meaning crap. Saturday’s bike ride was with some other folks, but Sunday’s was solo.

Me, my bike and Oliver. Photo by the wife.

It was a super nice day Sunday. Great day for a bike ride, left around noon. There must have been some kind of car show somewhere, because I kept seeing all kinds of crazy cars, classic cars, hot rods, funny cars, Corvettes and Mustangs of all years. I made a couple of stops to talk to  people, and I got a flat tire on my homeward loop. I see something stuck and flapping on my front tire, and I try to rub it off with my gloved hand, but it’s not coming off. So I stop. What I see is a nice flat brass circle about 1/2″ diameter. A brass thumbtack. Great. I didn’t really consider leaving it in place for the remaining 8 or so miles to home, but maybe I should have? And I wasn’t surprised at the hiss when I pulled it out. But I was pissed anyway. So I stopped and patched the tube. I decided that my pump is a real piece of crap.

Got home by 4:00 fairly tired, got dinner going (put potatoes in the oven) and went out to take some pix.

This cat is not dead. She likes the sand and would rather they never pour the slab. If I could zoom way back, this would look like the world’s largest kitty litter box.

Hopefully the slab will be happening in the next day or two. We’re ready for the next phase in the garage project. I put up the crappy, wobbly extension ladder to see about removing the vinyl siding from the side of the house where the garage will attach. One starts at the top when removing vinyl siding, which is about 20′ up. Going to need some staging or something. The ladder is just too wobbly and scary.

Tore out some of the stampeding sunchokes so the beets and garlic can get their fair share of sunlight. It’s hard to see, but the garlic is getting ready to flower.

Corn update. Will definitely be “knee high by 4th of July”, which is next Wednesday.

Foxglove in front of the house.

Crazy giant hosta leaves. They look much better when lit by the camera’s flash than they did in natural light. They’re just budding now.

I ordered the close up lens for the camera and should be getting it sometime this week. It’s made by Canon so I expect it will be good quality optics. We’ll see when I try to photograph the ant farming on the sunchoke plants.


  1. There is a new bug in your files here. In your old posts the pictures show up as minute rectangles. I had a similar problem on both of my blogs and saw that it had to do with the words “size-full” needlessly inserted in the code of the picture, in my case after “alignnone”.

    Not sure what could cause this, but please let me know if this happens again, and to which posts. Normally I would blame that sort of thing on the web browser. Web browsers (Microsoft Internet Explorer, Mozilla Firefox, Google Chrome, etc.) are ungainly software beasts and get easily bogged down with normal internet wanderings.

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