Posted by: David | June 19, 2007

Almost Summer

Day after tomorrow is the summer solstice. Then daylength shrinks a little each day until December 21, you know the drill. The Seasons, is what they call it. Blah blah blah. We know a lot these days, don’t we? Can Science figure out why I like this photo of my dinner?

This picture could be on “I CAN HAS CHEEZBURGER?” right??

So there is something going on with ants in the Helianthus Tuberosus bed (bed 17 if you are counting). First of all, check out how HUGE these plants are already. No wonder that Johnny’s Selected Seeds calls this variety “Stampede”!!

These plants are over 5 feet tall already. The beets in front of the garlic in bed 16 are doomed to shade.

Anyway, there are lots of ants in this miniature forest. Pick a random stalk and you could count 5 ants on it. Sometimes the ants are clustered, and I think that they are doing some kind of organized activity with another insect species. I need to get a macro lens for this little Canon digital camera to get better pictures.

The little dot by the bottom ant is another, as yet unidentified bug.

This is pretty fascinating if you asked me. Check out Harlan’s Big Bugtography page on ants tending leafhoppers. This guy Harlan has the right lens for the job. I’m going to keep my eye on this action.

The Caterpillar 315BL’s last evening at our house.

The excavation is done. An expanse has opened around the garage site. They really did a very nice job. Spread some loam, some crushed rock, and some hardpack. The crushed rock is the gray patch right behind the exposed concrete wall. It will be covered by a shed roof extending off the back of the garage. The big trick was to get the drainage swale in the front of the garage, where the two big doors will be. It’s hard to see in the picture below, but the grade drops as it gets closer to the camera.

Ample parking outside too! Maybe can land helicopters here? Maybe we should get a helicopter?

OK, I don’t really have time to learn how to fly a helicopter. I couldn’t even make time to play with the Caterpillar 315BL. My car (’96 Camry 108,000 miles) is going to enjoy parking every which way on the new lot. Kind of like spreading out on a king-sized bed … which we’ve never had, but really deserve!


  1. Yaaay! I’m the 1000th visitor ! Proof

    This picture could be on “I CAN HAS CHEEZBURGER?” right??

    Were iz de kitteh ?

    Maybe we should get a helicopter?

    Wait for the X-51A scramjet.

  2. Thanks for reading Nimish and congratulations on being the 1000th visitor, and the 42nd comment maker. You truly have the luck of the Indian! That could almost be a joke if it were not so confusing and un-funny.

    Anywho, the kitten is under the foundation with

    The Mask. ™



    May they all rest in peace and NOT LOL!


  4. hhuh, yyah. ur so funnee

  5. Oh yeah, Nimish, I meant to tell you that I was recently issued my parking sticker for the college where I work. We all receive email notification when it’s time to get our new stickers and whoever gets to the parking sticker website soonest gets the lower numbers … Guess what number I got?

    Forty Two!!

  6. Wow. Surreal.

  7. I love your dinner picture! Yummy. I wanted to take food pictures this morning but was thwarted. Harrumph.

  8. Thanks Ceridwen! Sorry we missed lunch the other day. On the food picture- we both love to cook, the wife and I, and our food is often lovely to look at. Like your TurboKick salad!

    Not to burst your bubble or anything, but in the interest of full disclosure, you DO know it’s a cheeseburger, right?

    So I hope whatever thwarted your breakfastography goes away, since breakfast is the most beautiful meal … you know what the Chinese say … “In the morning is contained the essence of the day”

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