Posted by: David | June 16, 2007

Nice Saturday in June

The foundation guys are almost done with their work. They delivered their invoice and I paid it. They will be pouring the slab early next week and then the lumber yard can get started pre-fabricating the wall panels. Here’s a picture of the guys compacting the last bit of sand that sits under the 4″ thick slab. They use a small but heavy gas powered vibrator.

It’s like pushing a madly vibrating lawnmover. And it makes the whole house hum.

I offered to shovel the sand off the little cast ledge all around the walls, which is intended to receive the slab pouring.  I like shoveling and raking. It’s great upper body exercise with an immediate and simple purpose. Elementally fulfilling. Reminds you of happy times in the sandbox.

Drove down to a family event in Bow, my niece graduated from high school today! Congratulations to you! Here’s a nice picture of one of my niece’s cats.


I drive down Route 114 on my way to Bow. It’s the road I most often ride my bicycle down, since I live on it. In the last year or so someone (or some people) have taken the time to make a pretty neat rock sculpture by the roadside. It’s on the right side, a few miles south of the intersection of Routes 103 and 114- just before you get to Lake Massasecum. Every time I ride my bike past it I vow to photograph it soon. On my way to a graduation party, I had the camera and it was a lovely early afternoon. So here you go.

Yeah, I waited for a car to be in the picture. Think it’s a VW.

The little stone thing is kinda cool isn’t it? It looks like a little person almost. I think that someone may be changing it from time to time. I will try to determine that more definitely by photographing it again in the future. After I think that it may have changed. Won’t I feel stupid if it just keeps looking the same in the photos even though I think it looks like it’s been altered?

Dusk was quieter tonight than a couple of nights back. There is quite a lot of bird noise just before dusk, and we were drawn outside again. But we didn’t really spot any wildlife. Other than the chamomile flowers which are in Bed 8. They’re so pretty I used them as my custom header photo in this blog.

Their petals are drooping. I think my wife is going to harvest the flower heads to make tea for rinsing her hair.

Pretty sky!


  1. Considerations on how to avoid the auto dumping, as I saw someplace that you mentioned blogging as futile:

    1. It is wrong to allow today’s post to bury yesterday’s.

    2. Life is not that two dimensional or linear thing that appears in the typical “today’s activity blog”. In fact, I think that the typical “today’s activity blog” tends to mislead its author. I think the ideal blog would be called “something I learnt today”. (the idea is not mine).

    The posts should be 1 idea = 1 post + title. This way it is easy for your reader to go looking for your former things, with keywords like “cairn” or “squirrel”.

    AND: after some months you go and look for one that is good but is no longer being read by anybody: copy the code onto Word, delete the post, get a new title and put it back up as a new post.

    This does not preclude posts where you talk about today. They are good reading and later you can delete them to avoid the clutter.

  2. @canteuso: following you around David’s blog is like taking my Australian friend around the city where I grew up. I’m seeing familiar sights in a whole new way :o)

  3. Same here vermonter!

    Very thoughtful comment cantueso, thank you again. Apparently you’ve put a lot more thought into blogging than I have. My zero-oriented blog is a spew of random posts with photos. Futility is a common theme of mine. A sort of quasi-comic nihilistic touchstone, if you will.

    What is ‘auto dumping’? And how does a new post ‘bury’ a previous one?

    “Something I learnt today” captures nicely the posts that ‘write themselves’, wherein some interesting observation drives it along effortlessly.

    Other bloggers seem to take a more diaristic or journalistic approach, sometimes sharing extremely personal material. These make pretty compelling reading too and have, IMHO, their own legitimacy. Blog=web+log and a log, after all, is a detailed record of a journey. Personally, I don’t really understand why some bloggers reveal so much of themselves, but I hope that it helps in some way.

  4. How does the new post bury the former one? How? By pushing it down and out of sight in no time. And it can only be recovered if the title somehow defends its content.

    I have not seen any good purely journalistic blogs. One’s inner life moves constantly between the past and the future back and forth and is very often not interested in this present moment. I thought it was a law of nature that mentally one deals almost exclusively with things which are not present. So what can you expect from a blog that deals today’s events?

  5. Vermonter!!! And how can you follow me around? You CIA? You computer geek? Hacker?

  6. And I’ll bet that do an awful lot of reading cantueso. I’m also feeling pretty safe in betting that my standards for entertainment are probably several orders of magnitude lower than yours!

    Vermonter, I’m 99% certain, is not CIA.

  7. Odd about the CIA. I’d wondered the same thing about cantueso.

  8. You’d lose your bet. I re-read quite a bit, though, and I’d go to the island with about 10 books.

    Entertainment? Duh. What is that? Do you mean George Bush? Cheney? US Elections?

  9. OK then. I am not so intimidated now. And I like how you said “Duh”. I’m not much of a wagerer anyhow.

    So, on the island, High Noon, The Great Dictator, and 10 books …

    Those politicos are not my idea of entertainment, though they are sort of bit players in an epic tragedy. In fact their saga is the very opposite of entertainment, being too repugnant to focus on for too long.

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