Posted by: David | June 12, 2007

Caterpillar 315BL Returns

The excavator returned Tuesday afternoon. It sits waiting in the driveway by the horse barn.

Ready to fill the hole back in? Hope so.

It’s kind of cool to come home from work wondering what changes will have been made. This garage project has been fairly complicated, requiring coordination between several contractors, the town building inspector, the bank,  etc. So far so good!

This is the horse in the barn behind the excavator. His name is Buddy.

In case anyone was still wondering about the spigot on the front of the house, here is a picture of it from the working end.

Now THAT is something SPECIAL. A frost-proof spigot!

The worst part about the job turns out to have been the 2 masonry screws that help anchor the spigot’s valve handle body to the cement block wall. The first screws were too small (1/4″) for the holes that were drilled through the block (what size bit was that?). Yes, through the hollow core of the block … there’s really only an inch and a half maybe of cement block for the screw threads to bite into. And when they ‘bite’ into the block, they more or less crumble it. So the trick is to get the bigger (3/8″) screws and don’t think they can be torqued to 25 foot pounds. Stop turning the screw at the right spot before it strips out the hole.  I think I got one of them just right. The other one I took about a 90 degrees too far. So, I’ll use some cement to patch it in to the inside wall and that will also help anchor the 10″ stem more firmly. Should be fine. Mission Accomplished.


  1. I have been looking for something where you said that you bought sand to put on the ice in your drive way.

    Here they use tons and tons of salt. Salt even on the big high ways, four or six lanes everywhere in both directions. Is sand just as good?

    In Switzerland at least where I grew up which was low mountains, they also used salt, and yet the Swiss are environment conscious more than anyone else, because only a third of the land is fertile, and so in the past the “resources” had to be used carefully.

    However I think salt must be very bad for the plants and even for the drains.

    My town provides 2 locations where we can pick up sand for free. Salt is used extensively here too, and seeps into the groundwater by the roadsides. It is a pollutant. But we must travel all year round. And salt helps us do that.

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