Posted by: David | June 6, 2007

Picture worth 7 words



  1. Hi Lad. I warn you that you have been placed in the WordPress ‘Random’ category. One may want to become more ‘Specific’. I am surpised that a photo of several cherries in a bowl would constitute a beating with the ‘Random’ stick. But there you go. SA, Dublin.

  2. I’m not sure what to make of such a warning. Though, beating with a random stick sounds kinda cool.

    Is this because I usually fail to assign a category to my posts and “Random” is the default?

    Or will WordPress be beating me with other sticks soon?

  3. Hello. I have searched your site and you do not appear to have a blog dedicated to Paris Hilton. Why is this? Yours, SA, Dublin.
    P.s. My partner’s bog is

  4. SA, I did actually make a reference to poor Ms. Hilton in my last post. Actually the remark was more directed to Lindsay Lohan. I think it would be neat if these 2 could get together while they’re in the “big house”. OK, I know, Lindsay’s not in jail yet. But it’s what these people seem to do nowadays.

    But to answer your question, the reason I don’t post about Paris is simply that I HATE her and everything she stands for, or lays down for. What ever!

  5. 7 words:-

    “Those. Are. My. Bloody. Red. Cherries. Bub.”

    and SA from Dublin probably means that she clicked for a random blog and landed up on yours.
    [At least that’s what I think it is.. is hapoening when.. somebody… alduce me to intro-low you-self…]

    The default category @ wordpress is ‘uncategorized’.

    Here’s a link for getting a random post from your blog everytime you click it.
    Wordpress is cool.

  6. … I must not ask anyone to leave the room …

    Thanks for the clarification Nimish. I bet you’re right. And I went back and re-assigned categories to my posts for fear of being banished for excessive randomness. This has long been a problem of mine.

    People say I’m indecisive … but I don’t know …

    And I’m not too sure about what constitutes randomness either. Is “random order” really an oxymoron?

    any who … wrong 7 words Batra. But since you are the first commentator to even pick up on the 7 word “theme”, I will send you one delicious, bloody, red cherry by FedEx, please tell me your address.

    KIDDING, no way I’m going to send one stupid cherry to India. It would be slime by the time it got there.



  7. Hmm….. cherries… *glaghlglalghl*

    Homer Jay Simpson. “Da Man.”

  8. 7 = “It’s cherry pickin’ season in New Hampshire”?
    7 = “Keep yo’ damn hands off my cherries!”?
    7 = “I’ve become a still life photography geek”?

  9. Keath, I WISH I could grow fruit like that! Nice guesses and all possible, but …

    …as the lotto machine says every week when I ask the clerk to check my megabucks ticket …
    Sorry. NOT a winner.

    Thanks for playing!

    7 words:

    Life is just a bowl of cherries.

    Hello – DUH!? If you people didn’t spend so much time reading the drivel on the interweb you’d be much better at remembering your cliches!

  10. So keep repeating it’s the berries…

  11. Sure, if that’s what works for you …

    However, to be accurate, the cherry is not a berry, but a drupe.

    If I were you, I’d repeat that instead.

    cherry not a berry, but a drupe
    cherry not a berry, but a drupe
    cherry not a berry, but a drupe
    cherry not a berry, but a drupe
    cherry not a berry, but a drupe
    cherry not a berry, but a drupe
    cherry not a berry, but a drupe
    cherry not a berry, but a drupe
    cherry not a berry, but a drupe


  12. I’ve been totally lied to by my musical theater!

  13. Musical theaters are known for their incessant lying. I mean the whole idea of breaking into song. And who would even think of writing a musical about berries anyway?!

  14. My uncle used to tell me about a restaurant in Altdorf, Uri, Switzerland. Its sign was “13 Bells”, but there were only 12 bells. Everybody thought he was the first to see that a bell was missing.

    (meaning I looked all over to see what the seven words are)

  15. Thanks for your comment cantueso. Sometimes a bowl of cherries is just a bowl of cherries. 🙂

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