Posted by: David | June 5, 2007

17 Beds

My wife has asked me to post more pictures of the garden in our backyard. Too many pictures of curing cement lately. 

So here’s the early June garden update. The backyard garden consists of 17 raised beds. Raised beds are made by digging ditch-paths in the rototilled area which was pictured a number of posts back.

So if we number the beds 1 through 17 going from east to west, here’s what’s growing in bed #1, which was previously a concrete-block lined ditch- a sort of cold frame bed it was. I took out all the blocks, tilled it and filled it with about 5 wheelbarrow loads of compost. 

Lettuce & onions are doing well in compost!

Bed 2 has some stunted cole crops, maybe purple cauliflower?

Bed 3 is peas. They’re doing OK. Some replanting was needed.

Bed 4- Peppers and a few tomatoes at the far end.

Bed 5- also peppers. We love peppers. Bed 6- peppers and unplanted space.

Need to replant these cukes at the beginning of bed 7. After an unmovable boulder, bed 7 continues with …

… basil, some more peppers,  more peppers, and a few purple cabbages.

Chamomile blooms in bed 8 and purple cabbages in bed 9. Bed 9 also seems to be where the green beans were planted. They’re not doing so well.

View from ladder of beds 10-17. 10- Yukon Gold potatoes, not up yet, 11- unplanted, 12 and 13 by the birdhouse and under the gaze of the fake owl …

… brussels sprouts, broccoli, cabbages. They’re doing well. Bed 14 is the asparagus. 15 is unplanted. 16 is beets, garlic, and rutabagas. Lots of rutabagas.

The rutabagas may end up being shaded too much by the jerusalem artichokes in the next bed. They’re going to be 8 feet high soon.

The whole garden a few weeks back.

The whole garden today. Mostly planted and mulched with straw.

The Rat Patrol observes a chipmunk from his post on the Western Front.

I SEE YOU you brown strip-ed buffoon!!

Oh yeah, like, whatEVER dude.



  1. Compost is good for the soul. There’s a large steel bin in the corner of our campground that I suspect may be home to next year’s rich loamy goodness.

    I must say, though. You have a wicked orderly garden. Back when we were stationary, we had all sorts of vegetation invading other vegetation. There were clumps of lettuce under the pea towers, cucumbers wrestling with canteloupes, and a cacophony of tomatoes I’m still amazed we were able to harvest without damage to our persons. Granted, you have significantly more land than our tidy little city lot, but your rows are an example to all. Very nice.

    Some day I should see if the woman who bought our house maintained any of our “garden” or not. Her boyfriend seemed to be really excited about playing with it, but when we drove by after year one, the front yard didn’t seem to have anything other than the same perennials we left. What I really want to know is if the old fence I took down is still the border of the veggie garden, assuming there is still a veggie garden.

    I’m rambling. None of this has anything to do with your garden, the subject of your blog.

    I like the chipmunk. Very artsy.

  2. Thanks Keath- I’ll take “wicked orderly” as a compliment. The organization is quite illusory, however. For the second time in the 10 years we’ve been working this space, a complete rototilling and re-bedding makes it all look very neat. And gardens always look better early in the season, before the weeds come in. And there will be weeds, regardless of the 5 bales of oat straw mulch. Our tomatoes, by August, are running amock. And compost is good for the soul- nice comment.
    The chipmunk is a little pissed that a large chunk of his stonewall home was removed by a giant excavator. Hence, his sarcasm.

  3. It could be this post, and it would have changed in my memory the way things always do, of course.

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