Posted by: David | June 3, 2007

Our Pretty Flowers

It has been a quiet Sunday. And rainy too. All the garden plants are watered in nicely. The houseplants are happy also.

Like I said before, my wife is good with flowers.


The clivia is blooming. Funny name, clivia, isn’t it?

Oliver misses his mommy. I actually gave him a bath. He got very dirty and stinky digging around in the barn on rodent patrol, with nothing to show for his effort. He may be showing symptoms of depression.

Are you my mommy?

Quite honestly, I think that he’s been drinking (me too!) …

Clearly not going to pass this field sobriety test … losing his license AGAIN will suck!

He’s not chasing the cat so much. And the woodpecker ransacking the birdfeeder doesn’t seem to phase him. Oh well, at least he’s doing better than Lindsay Lohan. Sorry Linds! Love ya! Hang in there girl. You still got it. Maybe you and Paris can hook up while you’re in stir. Split your grilled cheese sandwiches …

Stupid woodpecker just throws the seeds around. Looking for bugs?

This is a vacation week for me. Monday morning I go to the dentist for a cleaning. The dentist will prompt me for a decision on when I want to get my next crown. It’s a fine line between when I have an extra $1000 and when I have a toothache. Wish I’d made the appointment for later than 8:00 am.


  1. If builders built buildings the way programmers wrote programs, then the first woodpecker that came along would destroy civilization.

    I think that the woodpecker revolution is coming… vive la beaks!!

  2. Funny you should mention that. I just happen to be very well acquainted with Murphy’s LAWYER!! Nobody ever gets that line. Do you? Maybe it’s just not funny.

    I hope to get and post a picture some day of a pileated woodpecker. It’s the kind of woodpecker that makes you glad you’re not a tree. And the one that Woody Woodpecker was modeled after. Woody’s insane laugh is not unlike the pileated’s call.

    Considering how fast we’re deforesting the planet, I’d say that the woodpeckers days are numbered. Maybe if they started pecking on human heads …

  3. You said your wife is good with flowers, it looks like your wife is great with flowers. And the woodpeckers, although pretty birds, they are such a nuisance.

  4. You’re right. She IS great with flowers! And the woodpeckers really tick me off sometimes. But hey, who am I to judge?

    We feed all birds.

  5. I think the white orchids were white when I first saw them.

    And white they remain.

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