Posted by: David | May 31, 2007

The Forms

Today was day one of my vacation. But we had to get up super early to get my wife to the airport for an early flight. She’s visiting a friend to go to a horse and carriage driving event down south. Or in Ohio. I forget. Didn’t get much sleep. But I did get back home before 7:00 am and got started planting the sweet corn. That took a while. It’s kind of tedious, but I got 7 rows planted times about 25 seedlings per row. That was only one of 2 trays which were started indoors under lights.

You can barely see the seedlings. But they’ll be “knee-high by the 4th of July”!

I planted the other tray in clumps at the very edges of the garden. Maybe the racoons, gophers, and porcupines will enjoy those and leave our main planting alone? Sure!

I also planted a dozen purple cabbage seedlings, 6 cubanelle hot peppers, and spread all the oat straw mulch over the remaining beds in the main garden. The main garden has 17 (one of my favorite “odd” numbers) beds now, each about 20 or 25 feet long. 2 of those beds are taken by perennials, the asparagus and the jerusalem artichokes, one has a sturdy pea fence and so gets planted with peas year after year.  I resolved to make some kind of diagram or map so as not to forget what is planted where. We think that we have 2 full beds still unplanted.

After planting I got cleaned up, put the dog in his crate, and went to help a friend with a computer problem. While I was gone, concrete forms appeared. It’s so cool to watch this project take shape from the plans on paper.

View from window where we feed birds. Looking North.

Here’s the view of the same section of forms but looking south.

You can see inside the form for the back frost wall. It’s 10″ thick.

All this will be covered with earth after being so carefully laid out and poured. What will be left will be the slab sticking out of the grade like our whole house does. And that will be covered by the garage. So it’s extra “neat”, as my friend Kevin would say, to get these pix before it all gets lost underground.

Maybe they will finish the forming and will actually pour more cement on June 1. That would be cool since it’s my late mother’s birthday. She would have been 74 years old. And she would be pissed!! Not about the garage, but about being 74. She was not one to appreciate aging. Though she actually did a pretty good job of it, until she passed on at 62. So mom, if you’re watching, please feel free to park your ’59 powder-blue Thunderbird in there any time!



  1. I have only read as far as “artichokes”. I know they are grown here, but I have never seen a field, and they are sold in late winter until about now. I thought it was a kind of thistle and then the flower MUST BE IMMENSE! About as big as a soup plate! It must be very beautiful! I have already imagined it in white, violet and dark pink.

    That is nice, that you thought of your mother and her “powder blue” car.

    About plants: where I lived before, in a very small Toledo village (where, remember, there was a cave under the house), there the earth was very bad, but I did not know it. One day I saw a little plant come up with a little round fruit. Look, I thought, a chickpea! But it grew. Well? I thought, it would not be a bean? for the plant was crawling on the ground as if it wanted to climb. Or lentils? But the little fruit continued to grow.

    It was a melon! It never got any bigger than an egg.

    Good for you for cheering on that little chick pea. Melons like good soil, so maybe the earth was not so bad. On the “artichokes”, and you will like this cantueso, the plant I mention is actually not an artichoke at all (yes they are thistles) but actually a member of the sunflower family. Helianthus tuberosus, is thought to have been named by accident or misused words. See the “etymology” section of the Wikipedia article.

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