Posted by: David | May 29, 2007

Big Hole

Yup. There’s a big hole next to our house now. The Caterpillar 315BL with a few hours of skilled operation moved alot of earth.

A 24-foot square. Footings come next.

I took a lot more pictures but they are not very interesting. Or maybe it’s just that they don’t really convey the feeling of having our yard so dramatically reconfigured, almost as if by magic. Not having been around to watch the excavation makes it seem all the more amazing. There’s a good-sized boulder in the middle of the un-dug area. It can stay there as it will be well under the slab floor of the garage.

What about this foundation drain pipe? Is it important?

Some pretty silted-up drain pipe had to come out for the garage foundation. I wonder if it needs to be  fixed. It looks like it was pretty clogged up anyway. And I guess the garage foundation will influence the drainage. Our cellar has always been nice and dry. I hope it stays that way.

To be continued …


  1. You could’ve just put a plastic canary on the ground and told hulk that the canary is passing rumours about him.

    HULK SMASH ! !

  2. That would be, um, inappropriate, Nimish. Both to the plastic canary and to the Hulk. Altough if Jennifer Connelly was involved, I would say yes in a heartbeat. She’s the only reason I have watched that movie 3.6 times.

  3. I saw the ONLY the trailer.

    I thought that this particular Hulk was a parody of Krunk from the Justice Friends of the Dexter’s Laboratory universe.

    Which might have been better. Call him “The Bulk” and let him run amok in the city wearing a latex business suit and a titanium cellphone on a high stress stock market job.

    Boom. Instant hit.

  4. Sure, OK. So Jennifer Connelly means nothing to you then?

    I know nothing of Dexter’s Laboratory, didn’t even see the trailer.

    Another of your ultrasupermeganerd fantasies, Nimish?

    Maybe it’s time to go play some rugby?

  5. You’ve never heard of Dexter and his labor-a-tory?! Sad. No dessert until you watch your Cartoon Network.

  6. “Krunk! Gird thy loins!”

    So is Jennifer Connelly enough of a reason to watch The Rocketeer and Career Opportunities? As much as a fan I am of hers, I don’t think I could bear those any more than Hulk. Fortunately, Labyrinth, Dark City, and Higher Learning make up for those.

    Dexter’s Laboratory is not a film; it’s a Cartoon Network cartoon by Genndy Tartakovsky, and well worth your time. As far as cartoons go. If Wikipedia is to be believed, Justice Friends episodes are season 1, episodes 7 onwards. (The quote above is from “Valhallen’s Room,” 1×8.

    Cartoon Cartoon! (Ads on torrentspy may not be suitable for work. Depending on where you work. And who’s watching.)

    Anyway, nice hole! And nice concrete forms! Enjoy your pre-garage and don’t forget to put a handprint in the slab floor before it dries!

  7. Ceridwen and Keath- No (don’t have Cartoon Network- D’OH!) and Yes! I believe there is more to Jennifer than meets the eye. And there is alot meeting the eye. Rocketeer, no. House of Sand and Fog, yes! Requiem for a Dream, YES. She is SO HOT!!! And I think she has a brain too, if I can trust what I saw on the James Lipton Actor’s Studio interview…

    And it IS sad that I don’t have time for all the cartoons I am missing! The TORRENT of entertainment is truly overwhelming. I feel like I watch too much TV already and yet I’m still missing all kinds of great stuff!! It is beginning to subsume reality itself. Thank you Mr. InterWeb! And for the torrent warning, Keath. I don’t like stealing media. If it’s that good I will rent or buy it.

    HANDPRINT! YES, I need to do that, thanks for the reminder! My commenter from New Dehli wants to play mini golf on the footings. Oh, but he’s a mere youth.

  8. What? No Golf?

    Dexter’s Lab was one of the most amazing things to grace TV. Then they dubbed it in Hindi. Just like Swat Kats.

    Bloody capitalist pigs.

    They ruined even “The Centurions”… how could anybody ruin that?

    Thank God Monty Python’s Flying Circus is in the hands of the BBC. Otherwise we’d have that in vernacular too, alongside “Small Wonder” … yes, that show about a robotic girl.

  9. ^ – that’s comment # 42.

    YES !!

    Look at the very top, above the first search result

  10. Hindi Small Wonder? That is terrifying.

    Dexter is well worth renting or buying, but good luck finding it. With the exception of a couple of greatest hits and specials on VHS, Warner is being very stupid about releasing it. So it’s either wait for a rerun and watch it, or steal it. Same thing with Freakazoid!. It’s very frustrating when companies don’t let you buy their product legitimately, but for broadcast media, if they don’t make it available, the whole line between “stealing” and “borrowing a copy your friend taped for you” gets very blurry.

    And has nothing to do with playing minigolf on a garage foundation. Nimish; you can just pour a full-on mini golf course, you know…

  11. Congratulations NIMISH BATRA on making Comment Number Forty-Two!!

    What do we have for our winner?

    Nothing? Anything? Something? Come ON! He’s not feeling well! Something to cheer him up?

    How about a hour of free play on the world’s most difficult miniature golf course here in beautiful Bradford, New Hampshire, USA!! If Nimish can serpentine the ball around the pieces of rebar before the cement truck comes back, we’ll be AMAZED! It will be better than TV!

    Thanks for the recommendations folks, I will seek out Dexter.

    Gotta go now, cement truck is coming!

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