Posted by: David | May 28, 2007

Memorial Day Garden Update

Notice anything different about this flag?

Besides being a day to recall the fallen soldiers and the horrors of war (we set aside a day for that, but will war EVER be the distant memory we wish it was?), Memorial Day is also a traditional day for folks in New England to begin their gardening activities. I spent quite a bit of time Sunday morning in the garden. First, I waged war against the witchgrass in the asparagus bed.

Remember the besieged asparagus?

Now, I’m not really positive that the enemy is panicum cappilare, but that did not stop the genocide. It was a war of attrition, and I did all the attritting. It took 2 hours plus to wipe out the nasty grass, and leave the asparagus standing.

… I love the smell of witchgrass in the morning …

DIE witchgrass, DIE!! Hand to root combat up close.

The peppers silent as the witchgrass fell 5 beds west.

OK, enough of the Memorial Day Garden War theme. Also planted a bed of Yukon Gold potatoes. Whole, leftover in our root cellar from last year’s crop. They had long white sprouts from their eyes. They should be emerging in a week or so. After that activity I did some weedwhacking and mowing. At around 3 in the afternoon I went for a bike ride around Lake Sunapee. It got kind of gray and threatening, but I managed to avoid the rain.

My $500 starter road bike. I think I need something better next year.

The excavator waits. Maybe tomorrow … Couldn’t resist having a little closer look at it.


I bet this is fun! Yeah, they left the key in it.



  1. I bet this is fun! Yeah, they left the key in it.

    Demon Dave : Go Ahead, turn it on, drive it. Only a little. No one is watching.
    Angel Dave : Yeah, go ahead. Besides, they were going to dig too, weren’t they?
    Demon Dave : Yeah… see, they left the key in for ya
    Angel Dave : Hey, I’ll take pictures! We can blog about it.
    Demon Dave : Yeah!

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