Posted by: David | May 23, 2007

The Garage Begins

The apple tree now has the full sky. Our compost pile is underneath, along with some raspberry bushes.


The pines which once shadowed it are now piled tree corpses in the background. Sorry to be gruesome. 7 trees died at my home today. 5 pines, 1 poplar and 1 cherry. The cherry was a nice stopping place for so many birds en route to our feeders full of black oil sunflower seeds. It now lays branchless, waiting to be bucked into firewood by my chainsaw. The poplar stump sits in silence before the giant excavator.


But for a great deal of this first day of major garage project work, a scarlet tanager made itself visible.


As we surveyed the worksite after I got home from work, the tanager was still around and stayed put while I got closer to the tree with my camera. My wife and I remembered a time some 25 years ago when we rescued a tanager that had flown into the window of our house. It was stunned so we brought it in and fed it some honey-water. After a few minutes it sort of came to, so we took it back outside and it flew up into a tree in our yard and looked back at us thankfully (we thought) for a few minutes, trying to remember who it was and where it had been going … Are they particularly contemplative or patient birds, the tanagers? Or was today’s bird hanging out watching the trees fall and the excavator rumbling for some other reason, unknown to us?


Tomorrow there should be a really big hole from this view. The excavator sits and waits, thinking of the yards of earth and stones it will be moving tomorrow.


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