Posted by: David | May 22, 2007

The Garage Is Coming

We are about to begin work on an attached 2-car garage. The foundation guys came over for a consult Monday evening before starting to dig on Wednesday. They will have about 7 trees to cut down and haul away first, but we can expect a pretty big hole in the ground next to the house by Friday. Cool. Or maybe a hole with a bunch of concrete forms in it. Here are some “before” pictures.

Looking west. Most of these trees will be gone, but not the little apple tree which will be getting much more light when the big pines and the choke cherry are gone. Unfortunately the cherry was the main hangout for birds visiting our feeders. Maybe the little apple tree will get more bird traffic when it has the full sky.

Have to find another tree …

Looking southwest. The large poplar in the foreground, threating our powerlines for years, will be gone soon.

Looking northwest. Soon this lovely view of the auto repair shop next door will be eclipsed by a garage! Ironic or what?

More pix coming as soon as changes begin to happen.



  1. In my experience, the little apple tree will become the star attraction for the birds. In fact each spring when the apples in our yard blossom we get a flock of Baltimore Orioles. Also the other birds hang out a lot in them and wait to get in line for the suet. I think your bird population will multiply and be more visible.

    So a garage!! that’s very cool. Who is building it?

  2. I hope you’re right about that. The apple tree is like a tenth the size of the chokecherry tree, but will have much better exposure after the trees around it are removed. We’ve been feeding the birds continuously for many years now and I’m sure they’ll find places to perch, but the cherry was pretty close to the house so it gave us good viewing. Oh well.

    The garage will be erected by LaValley Building Supply. It’s sort of a prefab kit with some customizations. We also hired Alexander Concrete (Laura’s hubby and son) to do the site work and slab. And an electrician, and another carpenter named Baker. More to come …

    Thanks for commenting!

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