Posted by: David | May 19, 2007

Thanks for responding Amanda!

This is the best place to share this uplifting occurrence … one of the blogs I really like to read is that of Amanda Palmer. I comment on her blog often and she responded to one of my comments in her next blog. Yay!

She’s a piano player-singer-songwriter-artist from Lexington, Massachusets and has a band called The Dresden Dolls. I bought their eponymous disk and their 2nd disk Yes, Virginia. Both are pretty amazing in my book. But to be fair, I have weird taste in music, according to my immediate family and a few of my friends. It’s true. Amanda’s music and lyrics are not your average rock and roll, but rather deliciously twisted. After listening to her first CD I thought, hmmm, she’s a little crazy, but lovably so. Not spooky. Not Michael Jackson crazy.

Anyway, Amanda’s blog just has this hard & genuine quality that is irresistible. Her intense lifestyle, as she writes it, is something I can only admire vicariously, but she writes with compelling directness. Her adventures put an old fart like me in mind of my younger days, which, thankfully, I survived.

And She Capitalizes Only Important Thoughts And Concepts. I love that!

Here’s a picture stolen from her blog (I spoze I should have asked first, but thanks Amanda!) of her (standing) working with Ben Folds and Zoe Keating on some new music.

Can’t wait to hear what these guys were playing!

Anyway, check out her blog and find a post called The Art of Noga, look at the comments and find one from yours truly (David), where I asked her …

Amanda, I bought So Divided and I liked it. Thanks. Now you owe me. Right?So what do you think of these folks??
Regina Spektor
Joanna Newsom
Sigur Ros
For some reason your opinion means a lot to me, so, please?

She had plugged on her MySpace page a disk called So Divided, by a band improbably named …And You Will Know Us By The Trail of the Dead . I bought it and liked it, and she owed me right? Not really, but she took the time to share her thoughts on all 3 of the artists I asked about. YAY! The internet ROCKS! A famous musician flying to France for a vacation and posting a blog entry on the plane made time to respond to ME!! Is that cool or what? See her response in her recent post: luminescent dandruff.

She doesn’t seem to care much for Joanna Newsom, but she clearly respects Joanna’s uniqueness and originality. Artist on artist. Me, I love Joanna. She’s like Bjork, Fiona Apple and Jewel all rolled up, compacted, and filled with helium. And she plays the freakin HARP. What’s not to love? Yeah, gelfling.

I was surprised by Amanda’s thoughts on Regina Spektor. I thought that she would find Regina silly or trivial somehow, but she has great respect for her. And it sounds like they have worked together and have a friendship. Well yeah! Regina is freakin amazing! What a voice! And her piano is so nice too. And her lyrics are so nutty that the balance is perfect! Yay. Amanda knew of Regina five years ago. My daughter mentioned her to me a few months ago and we both bought Begin to Hope. Still listening to it …

So read The Dresden Dolls Diary. There’s a little Amanda Palmer in all of us! Makes you feel like you’re 30 again! And thanks so much for your candor Amanda! And your opinions do mean a lot to your readers. Blog on!

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