Posted by: David | May 14, 2007

Colby-Sawyer Commencement

The college where I work just had its 169th commencement on Saturday. It was a beautiful day weatherwise, and our campus is nothing if not beautiful. I got a few nice pictures with the lovely little Canon PowerShot A710is that our daughter got us as an xmas present. She really shouldn’t have spent so much money, but she takes after her mother on that xmas stuff. It’s a great camera too.

Anyway, here’s the first shot from inside the tent. This was actually one of our biggest graduating classes ever and they rented a bigger tent. But the crowd expanded outside and around the tent, as always. This picture shows the pile of diplomas waiting to be handed to the grads. You can also see the Sodexho Facilities guys waiting to get the word to remove the ropes for the special seating areas. And the people lined up all the way down the loop to Main Street.

Diplomas awaiting …

The next couple of pictures are of our new president, Tom Galligan. He was greeting folks going in and out of Colgate Hall. Colgate is our main administrative and academic office building. There are quite a few classrooms in Colgate too. The college decided to perform an investiture ceremony for our new president as a sort of “sub-ceremony” of commencement. It was very nicely done, the perfect combination of gravity, brevity, and efficiency.

President Galligan at the entrance.


One student that I got to know pretty well was selected to give one of the two senior commencement speeches. I got to know Alicia over her 4 years at CSC mostly by helping her with computer issues. But this year she helped me out by being a guest on our radio show called “Info Beat”. The topic was blogging. Alicia has been blogging for years mostly at LiveJournal, but she also has a blog at blogspot. In the first picture she looks a tad nervous, but she was concerned that her gown looked too short. She probably wasn’t really nervous, as she wrote and performed a one-woman show in her junior year, and played Titania in this year’s spring production of A Midsummer Night’s Dream. The play was really great. And her gown looked fine.



She gave a lovely speech. I will miss her. We had lunch together a few times and she was very interesting to talk to. She really pulled her weight conversationally, and that’s not easy with the particular crowd that I usually lunch with- our topics go all over the place.

That’s one of the bad parts of working at a college. Lots of wonderful people come and go. It’s sad when they leave. But it’s also a great beginning for them. Hence the name “commencement”, for the graduation ceremony.

I got some other nice pictures too, but that’s enough for this post. Onward to the summer’s activities …



  1. “This picture shows the pile of diplomas waiting to be handed to the grads.”

    It seems to refer to the first picture. Where is the pile? All those chairs. They are waiting for the speeches. I can see that.


    Now I saw a picture with somebody giving a speech from a podium, and in front of him there is a pile of documents tied with a ribbon like an Easter bunny. Those must be the diplomas. And above the neo-classical door, ¿does it say “COLGATE”?

    The pile of diplomas is visible on the tables that all the empty chairs face. Tied up with ribbons as in the other shot. And yes, Colgate is our main administrative building where most of the faculty have their offices. My office used to be in the basement of Colgate, before the computer dept. merged with the library. It’s a wonderful little school with almost none of the pretentious academic folly which often draws your ire. I love working there.

  2. I went to see the web page of the girl you mentioned above, and she is asking “people in cyberspace out there” whether anyone would want to read a novel in progress. I like this subject, and I would have liked to answer, but then I saw that her blog “does not allow anonymous comment”. If you are in contact with her, wold you mind asking her whether she knows that?

    There are many Google blogs like that. I have a blog at Google that I keep only for the purpose of commenting on Google blogs, but it does not work. I tried to identify myself with my WordPress URL, but it is not accepted. I think it is a way Google has to make more people sign up for blogs.

    I have a Google blog for that very same reason- I don’t ever update it, but keep a small blogroll there of other google blogs I like. I started out at blogspot then imported it all into WordPress. I still have the blogspot blog though, it’s called “WordPress Is Better“.

    So maybe you should try logging in to your google blog then navigating over to Alicia’s blog again. That’s how I did it and I was able to leave a comment regarding your inquiry.

  3. Sorry. Here I am again. The problem is that I have to write first and then see whether I can somehow send it in.

    I’m glad you’re here again! No apology needed!

  4. Thank you for your explanation.

    Before even letting you know that you cannot comment, Google also makes you copy one of those fuzzy letters and numbers combinations to see whether you are real or just a computer program. I hate those, because a zero looks the same as the letter O. I cannot type without looking very closely at my keyboard, and always have to fill out forms with one eye on my keyboard, one on the screen.

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