Posted by: David | April 25, 2007

Music I Like

It seems that I’ve been exposed to a lot of new music in the past half-year, and even though I know that it’s irretrievably LAME to list music faves, I’m gonna do it anyway.

Why? I’ll tell you why.

Don’t you hate it when people ask a question and then answer it? I sure do.

Will I ask more questions and then answer them? Maybe.

I ran into a bicycling friend on the road last weekend, someone whom I’d actually met randomly on the road last spring and would never have otherwise met. I was going south on Route 114 towards Henniker and she caught up with me and matched my speed, riding along side to ask directions. She had a route map on her handlebars. Turned out that she was off course by a few miles, but I said that if she wanted to ride about 25 or 30 miles we could ride one of my favorite routes to Henniker, Hillsborough, and back up 114 to Bradford. There’s a nice back way from Bacon Road to Hillsborough, and then back to Henniker along the river.

So we rode along and made polite conversation and got to know each other a little. She is a lawyer in Manchester. I do computer support at a small college in the picturesque town of New London. Our paths would never cross any other way but by bicycling. To meet someone while cycling was cool enough in itself, I thought, to not resist being friendly. And I have to say, that most of the cycling folk I’ve met in the past few years have been pretty nice folks. 

Our conversation was fairly free flowing, but not without a little tension, or maybe hesitation is a better word. You know that it’s not easy to read people accurately at all, ever, until you are really close to them, and even then they surprise you. But even being as cheerful and friendly as is personally manageable, most of the new people you meet stream past only once. I’ve listened all kinds of people in my 5 decades, even if I am somewhat of a selfish, elitist snob. My mother was a good listener and she taught me by example.

And of course there’s always the sex barrier. She was a single, charming, articulate, very fit and handsome woman, and I was (and still am) a happily married, moderately fit and (some say) handsome man. So there’s that, but there wasn’t.

One topic we returned to a few times was music, and there was, sorry about the pun, a resonance there. Similar musical tastes. We rode together a few more times, once with some other friends of mine. She found other folks that were more of a challenge for her to ride with, and she likes challenges. She also has a pretty nice racy bike. We exchanged a few emails, and as fall and winter came on, we lost contact for a bit.

So this cycling lawyer friend and I bumped into each other last weekend as I was saying, and we rode a few miles together back to where she had parked her car. Our conversation came to music again, and I told her how I’d had a whole lot of new music flow my way recently. I yelled the names of a bunch of musicians as we sped south on Route 103. She shook her head at most of them. I said that I’d email her a list, but then I got the idea to post them in my super lame blog Thoughts-0-Dave. So there you have it.

Problem is that there’s just so much great music out there! This list has no particular order. And since this is a blog post and not an email to a friend with some specific current music recommendations, I feel obliged to make a more expansive listing of musics that have sustained me over the years. However this list is mostly current performers.

 Many of the links to current musicians point to their MySpace sites, since they often have music players on their pages that allow you to hear some of their sound. I hope that you may find something enjoyable here …

The Fall

Penguin Cafe Orchestra

Regina Spektor

Ludwig van Beethoven

Sigur Ros

Erik Satie

Brandi Carlile

Samuel Barber

Anna Nalick

Dresden Dolls (Amanda Palmer)

The Beatles

Richard Butler

Clap Your Hands Say Yeah

Matt Pond PA

Arcade Fire

Frédéric Chopin

Gandalf Murphy and the Slambovian Circus of Dreams

Pink Floyd

Butthole Surfers

Joanna Newsom

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