Posted by: David | April 1, 2007

April Fools Bike Ride

April Fools! Went for a nice bike ride today with a friend from work. We met on the road that I drive to and from work every day. Route 114. It’s fun to meet your biking companion on the road like that. You keep looking for them in the distance as you come over each hill or around each curve. Just keep looking for that little dot that might be your friend …

Route 114 is not a great road for biking. Not much room at the edges. But we had a great ride. We met up by the North Sutton Post Office and in the driveway we compared our indifference over which way we should go. We went south on 114 and then over to North Road and Kearsarge Valley Road up to Wilmot. Then East to Potter Place and the junction gas station where we stopped for hot chocolate coffee blends and snacks.

At one point on our ride I can’t even remember what we were talking about but thoughts of the anniversary of my son’s death came into my forebrain. He died on April 2, 1993. Tomorrow would be 14 years since his passing. For a good solid minute, as we wheeled along Route 11, I wrestled with whether or not to reveal this to my friend and alter the flow of the conversation dramatically. It would have fit into the context, I remember thinking, and this friend, though never having been a parent, would understand, and it would absorb into the fabric of the moment … But I held it back, perhaps for some future conversation.

We parted ways a little south of where we’d met up after making a 35 mile circle. It was a pretty nice ride. But they usually are.


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