Posted by: David | March 24, 2007

Disease for Sale

Go to and choose your location by entering your zip code and then fill out the customizer page. wants to know what type of advertising to deliver to you, but what it says is “Choose the option that fits your life”.


The top three “options” (not in alphabetical order) sound really great, but they don’t really “fit my life”. Lucky for me.

How Can We Improve Your Local Forecast?

Choose the option that fits your life.

Aches & Pains
Cold & Flu
Air Quality
Skin Protection
Golf find course … more items follow

Why bother posting this? First, it’s amusing – the list of “options” is in a funny order, no? Second, it’s an example of how pervasive the marketing of malady has become. It’s part of the freakin WEATHER! Soapbox alert.

Deny or Allow?

But to be fair to, they are just interested in tailoring your weather reports to the reason that you are checking the weather in the first place. You want to know how the pollen and mold spores are or maybe your lumbago will act up if the humidity drops suddenly. They just want you to have the forecast that is meaningful to you. It’s not their fault that you are allergic to everything and that no matter how many times you disinfect your countertops and toilet seat you are still crawling with germs and bacteria and you are sick, sick, SICK!

You could be healthy, but never mind that. Buy our chemicals into which we’ve sunk millions in development and venture capital. It’s just to help you (and our shareholders) feel better by alleviating your pesky symptoms. Don’t sneeze, cough, itch, or get depressed. Take pills instead. It’s so much easier than paying attention to how you live and what you eat and how much exercise you get. And it helps our bottom line.

Ask your doctor about our latest miracle drug: ENDITOL

Be sure to tell your doctor if you have a liver condition or advanced stages of death. Possible side effects include but are not limited to extreme indifference, loss of appetite, dizziness, nausea, diarrhea, constipation, projectile green vomiting, or yellow. Whatever. ENDITOL is NOT some cheap generic knockoff, it’s the real, brand-named thing.


  1. Nice blog, I think you have written this article very well, you bring up some solid information. Thank you for sharing this information with me I really do appreciate it. Keep up the good work. Look forward to seeing what else this blog has to offer. =) TY for taking so much time working on such a great blog.

  2. Thanks for your comment. Not sure what you mean by “solid information”, but I see from your blog that you take allergies very seriously. I hope that someday soon, medicine will fully understand and be able to control the mechanisms of allergic reaction.

    Not meaning to belittle allergies and those who suffer from them, my main point in this semi-humorous post was to rant against the agressive marketing of disease. Big Pharma do this with their horrible “…ask your doctor about …” TV commercials, which, I believe, can actually hypnotize people into illness. These commercials should be outlawed, and the health care “industry” should be de-monetized and made non-profit.

    And the OTC meds advertising (like Tums and Claritin) have convinced many that it’s just NOT OK to have to experience ANY temporary unpleasant sensation like a sneeze, cough, itch, or tummy ache. Why not just live under general anesthesia and avoid ALL the fuss?

  3. Instead of paracetamol a substitute doctor who looked himself sick prescribed an antidepressant for me. Among the possible side-effects, suicide was mentioned.

    Pharmaceutical advertising here in the USA is an horrendous travesty, as is “health care” — a profitable industry in which sickness makes money (the subject of this post). For the sick this is a terrible tragedy, and they often are forced to fight their way to health by resisting the medical establishment after it fails them. Very sad, especially when considered next to the greatly increased knowledge of the molecular workings of our organism.

  4. I thought it was called “ethical advertising” and was prohibited in the US.

    I remember the case of a anti-depression ad depicting a man sitting on a bench looking worried. The the ad said: money problems? can’t sleep? feeling low?

    And some US watchdog had them withdraw it and place instead an ad of similar size in the same paper saying that their new drug did not actually solve money problems.

    That little story really sums it up nicely cantueso! It certainly solves money problems for the Big Pharmaceutical executives.

    The advertising that “Big Pharma” funds on TV is criminal. It fills the weak-minded suffering with buzzwords and symptoms to “tell your doctor” about and effectively steers the masses away from any real concepts of how to achieve wellness and health.

    Side effects may include death and dishonor.

  5. And did you know that the pharma industry love to turn a short illness into a permanent condition. This is most easily done in psychiatry. Anyone can do it. You must first invent a striking new name like “nocturnal anxiety syndroome”. Test the name and check whether “diurnal anxiety syndrome” would be better. Next check its acronym: DAS. Would DASS be better or DAAS? Amend the name of the syndrome: Diurnal Anxiety Aversion Syndrome. There now, that is a good start, because it means nothing which entices even a sharp mind to see what there is behind it.

    Now comes the description of the anxiety. Easy. Just ask some people and write down what they say when you ask them whether they have ever felt uneasy on the highway, in dense traffic, at the office, even (especially) when there was nothing to do. Now get the formula of paracetamol and add something really strange or New Age and harmless to it like e.g. curry powder, but chemically described which will be a formula about half a page long.

    Now you are ready to have the new drug tested, but for that you need lots of money and you must get a patent and sell the patent if possible to the ex-owner of Facebook who right now must be looking for cash cows to invest in.

    Thank you for completely understanding what this post was about. The USA political war over “health care” is terribly ironic, having nothing at all to do with health or care, but only money.

  6. This was inspired by something I just read: in the UK some local governments tried to reduce the available parking space in order to improve their income from fines.
    Lawyers who write miles of fine print to make a contract unintelligible. (I know because I used to translate some).
    Banks who sell property preferably to the poor who will default so that it can be seized and sold again. This business has now soured and come into disrepute.

    And those bankers would rather see a house demolished than to have souls occupy it without the realization of maximum profit. Evil.

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