Posted by: David | March 12, 2007

in like a lion, out like a …

Below is a picture of my Fuji Touring Series VII bicycle. Note the snow in the background- the roads were pretty much clear, though a bit salty. Yesterday I went for a short bike ride. It was a little cold, but not terrible. About 43 degrees F. I really love biking. Didn’t get to do any rides in February. The last ride was back in January, the 6th, the temp was in the 60s. It was creepy. Global Warming creepy. But a friend and I took advantage of the weather and rode my “Hillsborough Loop”. It’s a lovely ride from Bradford to Henniker and then Hillsborough along the back roads and the Contoocook River. We got caught in a cloudburst on our return loop. But it was fun even though we got soaked.

This bike was given to me as a (wonderful) gift back in September of 2005 and needed very little attention before being ready to ride. A friend from work was moving down south and decided to take only her two better bikes. The Fuji was way better than the cheapo Giant OCR3 that I’d been riding. Last summer I upgraded the handlebars and shifters. I think I need some new wheels and brakes now. The center-pull brakes are not terribly effective now that I’ve changed the brake levers, but who needs brakes anyway? Actually I do, since I don’t really like going all that fast. At speeds over 30mph pictures of my wheels coming off and my body bouncing along the road fill my forebrain. The Blue Fuji is a rugged and heavy bike, and has made me a touring enthusiast.I went for another ride on Monday, the 12th. Had the day off work. It got into the 50s and I left quite a bit earlier so I got in a nice long ride. Went round the lake (Sunapee). Stopped in twice to see a friend who works at a local library. It was her birthday- she’s 51. My best friend’s birthday is also on 3/12 and so is my daughter’s best friend. But the most impressive coincidence of all is that this librarian friend and I, as insured, conscientious fifth decaders are advised to do, both underwent screening colonoscopies, without realizing it, ON THE VERY SAME DAY!! Different hospitals, though. Thank god, as there could have been cosmic trouble had we shared the same time AND space! The galaxy could have collapsed into Uranus.

Maybe. Or not …

Sorry. But enough of this. My wife finds the medical images in my previous post extremely disgusting. Which is why I put the cute pictures of the dog and kitty up. Here’s another cute doggy picture:

Oliver catches a tennis ball. He’s good with tennis balls. The flash glare in his eye makes him look totally possessed. Which he kind of is anyway. You cannot quite tell, but he’s actually catching the ball. This is while he’s on temporary leave from rodent patrol. He’s definitely signed up for another tour.



  1. I would have thought it was a man’s bike, but you mention its former owner as “she”. I haven’t noticed here, but in Switzerland I also had bikes, and the bar from the saddle to the handle bar is not horizontal, but bent way down to allow women to get on the bike without swinging a leg up and across the saddle, which, depending on the skirt one might be wearing…….

    When I was a kid, women’s bicycles were just as you say. But no more. Not for some time. Thank you feminism.

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