Posted by: David | February 15, 2007

Sorry, maybe nobody sucks after all!

So first I say people who comment on blogs suck, and I have done this myself, so I suck. Then I say that maybe bloggers themselves suck too, and being a blogger therefore I suck. Too.
Maybe …
I should not be so negative. Should I? After all, nodoby is reading this. So nobody cares what I write here. Is that the reason I write? Since nobody is responsible for the content that really isn’t even here, NOBODY SUCKS!

OK, glad we got that straight.



  1. No comment.

  2. If a tree falls in the forest, and no one drives a motorcycle with 5 wheels, does that mean the the moon is Radiohead’s answer to rap?

  3. Dude that is so RANDOM!?

    What are you saying, that I’m a CREEP? I’m a weirdo …?

    True dat.

  4. Actually, I was hoping to make a joke, but then I lost my chain of thought and started listening to Coldplay and I thought someone should go for the moon landings again, at which point I switched to reading about football, which meant I went completely off track; so to pick up my line of thought I decided to clear out my mind and do some reading and I was reading about English writing, and the first rule is, “Don’t have long sentences,” and it’s true you know, but that still didn’t help so I thought I should just add a question mark and submit the comment.

    True story.

  5. Oh, OK then.

    Long sentences ARE bad.

    You are so right.

    Mine are too long.


    But not now.


    They are paragraphs!

  6. (leaving on tiptoe so as noty to get involved in this conversation)

    Dear cantueso, most faithful blog friend, this may be one of your wisest comments ever, even though parenthetical. Commenter Nimish, a friendly geek from India, engaged me in a randomized exchange. I was blog virgin at this point in time …

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