Posted by: David | February 7, 2007

Bloggers May Suck Too

I guess if I entitle an entry “People Who Comment on Blogs Suck” then I should at least be fair about it. Since I am the only participant in the eponymous “thoughts-0-dave”, by blog post and commentary, then I too must SUCK. It is possible. I certainly have in the past and will in the future. And I may even suck right this very second!

Did I mention that the “-0-” in thoughts-0-dave is NOT the LETTER “O”, but rather is the numeral representing nothing. Zero, zip, nada, goose-egg. Empty set. The opposite of infinity (or is it?) … you get the idea. It’s a recurring theme for me. Perhaps it’s my age. I am 50 years old. Time for that screening colonoscopy isn’t it?

Do I mean that being around for five decades leads me toward cynicism or nihilism? Yes, but in a positive way. Nothing is not a bad thing or a good thing, it’s a not thing. It can be an antidote for excessive thinginess, which is endemic in our lurid culture. Materialism and the objectification of anything at all. Down with THINGS!! Choose NOTHING.

You are everything
and everything is you

The Everything and the Nothing



  1. Notice that I’ve pretty much given up commenting on my own blogs now? Well I have.

  2. I often wonder about just how bad you are in philosophy. You can’t do it. It could be the lack of past there in the US. After all, even words are only echoes of what they were before and further back and even further back, so what if there is nothing there?

    My recommendation is that you waste as little energy as possible on that sort of pondering. It’s quite likely that you’re correct. There is very little past here in the USA and our “philosophy” is like what you get when you put two mirrors face to face.

    Your question is stunningly apt. So what if there is nothing there?


  3. There IS nothing there, but that is NOT what ones lives by. That nothingness is only an idea resulting from speculation made of words (both the specualtion and the idea). And people live by the echo of those words which give hope to some, ambition to others, curiosity to others still. etc.

    OK GREAT! So here’s a little quip:

    NIHILISM- It’s nothing to be afraid of!

    Now before you accuse me of being a smart ass (too late?) let me just say that I could not find any words to respond to your comment. Don’t we all live by the echoes of words?

  4. Of course. By “people” I mean everybody.

    I love it when you agree with me. 🙂

  5. Oh, no. I do not at all agree with you in these questions.

    Oh, I think that you do.

  6. How dare you.

    I think our friendship can tolerate a little agreement, don’t you? 🙂

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