Posted by: David | January 25, 2007

people who comment on blogs suck

thanks for the rancid commentary david. next time how about keeping your opinions to yourself. you can be sure that all the people who read this blog regularly don’t want your buzzkilling blather. save it for you dillweed buddies that you watch beavis and butthead with. here’s another suggestion- try listening to some music that sounds really bad to you the first two or three times you hear it, then listen to it until you like it.

remember it’s just a big crapstack out there. what would be great would be if somebody other than me or you actually read this and learned something from it.

know what you’re thinking …

what could possibly be learned?

OK, that’s not a bad question. after all, no information has been offered. no knowledge. just a bunch of almost random words. to fill the page. and questions. but if somebody reads it, it could acquire a meaning. or not.

Maybe start using proper punctuation. And start using the word “I” again. That could help. It might seem more “genuine” that way. Anyway, the point of this entry is to denigrate not blogs, blogging, or bloggers, but to diss the assholes like David who leave comments. At least his comments are germane to the blog and its total lack of content.

on wit da dissin. dave comments on blogs. his own blogs. how bleedin lame is that! ?


  1. OK I guess I HAVE to do this. So you’re saying I suck? WELL SO DOES YOUR BLOG! This is tiresome. Truly tiresome. On so many levels. Get me my excape goat PLEASE. Or shoot me.

  2. And yes, this is irretrievably lame. How long will I have to comment on my own idiotic blog before I get some real internet ACTION?!?!?!?

  3. Well, be a little more patient.

    Wow, I can’t believe you read back to the very beginning. I still don’t know what I’m doing.

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