Posted by: David | January 20, 2007

goody gumdrops i’m a blogger

now i have gone and done it. i have a blog on the internet. i cannot capitalize anything anymore. not even i. and in true blog fashion i have used the word “i” in every sentence so far…

i’m not self-centered, just self-involved. but in the most introverted way.

but don’t be looking for juicy personal revelations here, cause i won’t be making any. i don’t really get what possesses people to dump their guts on the internet.

and then there’s the desire to be as profound as possible. or profane.

my first blog entry. yaaaaaaah!!

any comments anyone?

the end.


  1. can i comment on this blog? would david mind? who cares he’s a doofus anyway. and his blog blows. he’s just posted it so he can tell people where he works that he has a blog. woop D frikkin DOO!

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